Hey there.

So let's make it simple.

I'm Amira. Was born in October and reaching 18 soon. Currently finished my SPM and unemployed. So, I'm really really free. Ask me anything. I'm gonna treat you well, no promise.

I'm a normal girl. But in love with my laptop and books. And also Kpop. Sorry if there's too much Kpop thingy here. I can't help myself. 

I blog both in Malay and English but I use English the most. But I'm not a profesional in both languages. Pardon my words if there's any mistake. 

I blog randomly. There's no spesific niche for this blog. So, you might find everything in one place. I hope it won't annoyed you too much.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoy your stay. 

Searching for my pic? I will post it up. Soon. Or maybe not.
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