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Hi peeps!


The name given was Amirah and people do call me so. Was born on 2nd October 2000 and well-raised in Kedah since born day.  I'm the eldest in my small family of six and got two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Who Am I
I'm very shy. I always have trouble to communicate with people. However, I can be quite loud or even the loudest when I'm with my family and friends. I'm a perfectionist too but I can still accept opinions and thoughts from others, I promise. I was also too naive and lost in thought almost every time. I pissed off too easily. I can't never control my words, especially when I was mad. That's why I prefer to keep quiet rather than to speak out.

I had a big interest in Kpop. My very first biased group was Super Junior for sure. I was also into some other groups like Got7, Vixx, Halo, TeenTop, BigBang and such. I love to watch movies too. But only certain movies, especially anything that included magic and martial arts or self-defense. I love listening to music too. Only those that are catchy and nice to be heard will be chosen. I was also delighted when it comes to foods. It is even hard to choose what is my favourite food so do not ask about it. 


Miraleecious was born on 2nd October 2016, apparently on my 16th birthday. I started to show my interest in blogging when I read a blog like, three years ago. I thought that it would be fun to have my own site too. Yes, I've set up a blog from three years ago but none of my blogs are seriously taken care so I've deleted all of them. Then, by this year, I set up my mind to blog seriously. Thus, this blog was created and I started to write regularly.

I don't really have the idea why I put miraleecious as my URL. I've a thought to change it but never mind. People know me by this URL. I'll change as soon as I got better name perhaps. I also have a plan to have my own domain sooner or later. Just not now.

Here goes my URL :

http://miraleecious.blogspot.my (current)

At first, I've been using Malay in my posts. However, due to some reasons, I've started to use full English in my writing. Honestly, this felt much better. I can improve my English and be as formal as I can at the same time. It's not like I'm saying that it's not good to use Malay. But the feeling was different. Anyway, everybody got their own opinions about this. Sorry for my bad language, spelling and grammatically errors. English are not my forte and I'm still in the process of learning.

All the posts on my blog are mine unless stated otherwise. Any enquiries, contact me at kimichiyao@gmail.com