What I Did to Achieve Well in Examinations

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So, even though I have finished my high school a few months ago, I still keep in touch with my juniors. Especially the closest ones. Thus, sharing out my SPM result with them was a common thing now. 

I do not really want to share out my result here but to make sure you guys understand my post better, I think I should. Because yes, reading is understanding.

So, my SPM result was, 1A+ 5A 1A- 1B+ 1B 1C. Which total up would be 7As 2Bs 1C. 

Yes, I admit that it was not one of the best results, but it was satisfying. Alhamdulillah.

But for my juniors, they thought it was amazing. Especially since I was a science stream student. People would expect I would maybe fail my Addmaths and the science subjects but I did not. Thank God. Thus, they kept asking and asking.

" Macam mana akak survive science stream? "

" Eh ok sangat la. Macam mana boleh hidup dalam kelas tu? "

" Wah pandainya. Akak study macam mana? "

Those are some. There were actually a few more but it is not necessary to be shared. So here, I would like to share my ways of study. Especially during examination weeks. And I hope this would help those SPM2018 candidates too.

Warning. This is my ways. Not the best one because I am not the best student type.

- What I Did to Achieve Well in Examinations - 

1. Less study during nights.
I am not a good 'burung hantu'. Even if I take a good long nap in the evening, I would feel sleepy again at night. Maybe it was because of my sharp sleeping time. I would always sleep before 11pm and it stick until now. But for some people, night study help them better. Just to warn you, do not keep studying if you started to feel tired or sleepy. You would not understand a single thing you read. 

2. Control your meals
Can you find the relation? No, it is not about eating things that help you to become smarter or what. It is something I do to avoid problems on the next day. If you will be sitting for an exam on the next day, make sure not to eat something too heavy before sleeping. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Also avoid eating too much spicy food. Takut nanti perut meragam masa jawab exam. Yes, this will effect your performance.

3. Do not study hard
How many of us love to study at the very last minute? Yes, I did. I am not really good at remembering things for a long-time period. But I am really good for a quick memorizing. Thus, last minute study is an effective way for me. However not everyone can do this. If you are the slow type, start studying earlier. Do not force yourself to study at the eleventh hour because you might hurt yourself.

4. Study smart
Make mind maps, comics or whatever to help you understand better. I did this, but only after my trial examinations. Yes, a bit late. But it actually useful. I am not sure about you guys but for me, I memorize and understand better when I write down the things I read. So, I will always read and write. Maybe it will waste your time a bit, but at least you will remember something later on.

5. Keep calm
I happened to stress out during examination weeks. Of course, it was all because of the last minute study. There were a lot to remember, a lot to revise but a really short time to do so. That was why I stressed out. However, after a few examinations, I personally thought there were nothing to worry about. Even if I cannot finish my revision before examination, I still can answer my tests with what I remembered. I told you, I'm not a good student example. That is why I do not prefer you guys to follow my ways. 

6. God is everything
I always done this before I start answering my papers. From Al Fatihah to ayat penerang hati to ayat Kursi and tiga Qul, I recite everything I remembered. Yes, I was always nervous. But the Dua' helped. Do not forget Allah, guys. He is The Almighty. Do not forget to perform your prayers too. Allah would help. Same goes to the non muslims. Do not forget your God.

7. Respect
Your parents, teachers, and even friends. You should respect everyone. Even if they made something bad toward yo, forgive them. It is not just you will feel the ease, but you will also be granted. Forgive and forget. Do not hold any grudges. Remember that, if someone tak redha with what you do, you would not getting anything better. So, do it now.


So that is why I said I do not really want to share out my tips. I do not really have good tips. I procrastinate a lot, play a lot and do not really study. So, maybe people got more useful tips for you guys. 

Some people are gifted. So, find the best way for you to study since humans are different. Do not give up and keep trying, okay?

Till then.

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  1. You are science student and you had 10 subjects instead of 9? What is the other one subject?