I Don't Really Know What Will Happen Now

by - 12:21 pm

So, yesterday everyone including my friends and I had the chance to check the 'semakan tawaran Tingkatan 6' thingy. Honestly, we were in a big chaos that morning because of this because yes we do not really mind about all this.

One of us was panicked that she was like " eh kita ada mohon tak form 6? "

If only I could laugh out loud.

Because yes. You do not have to apply for form 6. No application form or whatsoever provided to enter form 6. I guess it was automatic ?

Let it be.

Guess what?

Yes, I did not make it. Which mean I will never further my study in form 6 unless I make a rayuan ( I forgot the word sorry )

But I hope it's okay. Because maybe I will have a slight chance to enter a matriculation. But again, matriculation is not my very first choice. I have mentioned before, I hate science.

Three of my squad members ( euw ) managed to entered form 6 in Social Science stream. Lucky them. At least they will be together for a while now. 

Me and my another friend who also cannot continue into form 6 meroyan in Twitter

However, I have received a call from a university, offering a full scholarship in Foundation of Science. The best thing is, I can choose whether to stay at home or at their hostel because yes, the university was just like a 15 minutes journey from my house. So near. 

Just the thing is, I will need to choose between Physiotherapy, BioTech, BioInformation or DentalTech. The only ones that sounded interesting were Physio and DentalTech for me. I do not really having a keen in the rest of them. So, I will need to choose again. I have already accepted the offer. Just waiting to quit my current job and start studying again. Seriously, I missed studying a lot. 

Yes, you would probably see Doctor Amira in a few years to come. Uhuk. 

That''s it I guess. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. congratulations for receiving the scholarship! goodluck in uni-life :)

  2. May Allah grants you the best ;)