Askmeme : Ice Cream Asks

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This is actually a post from Leo. Since I was bored enough, so I decided to join. Not a butthurt though, I guess?


Chocolate : When was your first kiss?
I never had one *blush*

French vanilla : How old are you?
will be officially 18 by October 2nd.

Strawberry : A language you wish you could speak?
Mandarin or Japanese or Korean or even Arabic

Coffee : Favourite cosmetic brands?
I do not wear any but sometimes I would use my mom's. It's Avon.

Mint Chocolate Chip : Indoors or outdoors?
Indoors for sure. I am not an outdoor person.

Cookie dough : Do you play any instruments?
Nope. *sigh*

Rocky road : Favourite songs of the moment?
A lot. But to list some, they would be I Loved You (Day6) and Everyday (Winner)

Butter pecan : Favourite songs for life?
I am not sure. It will always change for me.

Cheesecake : What's your zodiac sign?

Toasted coconut : The beach or the pool?
Beach of course.

Chocolate chip : What's your most popular post?
*checking* here you go

Bubblegum : Books or movies?
Books. I do not really watch movies.

Pistachio : Manga or anime?

Salted caramel : Favourite movies?
Harry Potter series!

Birthday cake : Favourite books?
I do not really sure. Nothing come into my mind right now.

Moose tracks : Favourites for manga?
I do not read manga.

Orange sherbet : Favourites for anime?
Tokyo Ghoul uhh.

Peanut butter : Favourite academic subject?
English! and a bit of Geography.

Black raspberry : Do you have any pets?
Nope. I am afraid of cats. kkk.

Mango : When and why did you start your blog?
It's on my birthday 2 years ago. We celebrated same birthday yass! Cliche answer, I love writing. My blog was in Malay back then before I changed because I think it is cool to blog in English though.

Mocha : Ideal weather conditions?
When I am inside, I prefer i to be rainy. But if I am outside, it should be cloudy. I cannot really stand hot weather and Malaysia is already so hot.

Black cherry : Four words that describe you?
Stubborn. Introvert. Lazy. Procrastinator.

Neapolitan : Things that stress you out?
Sometimes food. Because WHY ARE THEY SO TASTY?

Raspberry truffle : Favourite kind of music?
Ballad, electronic anything but not hiphop.

Chocolate marshmallow : Favourite brands of candy?
Anything. I just eat all of them.

Toffee : A card game that you're good at?
Uno and Happy Family.

Lemon custard : Do you eat breakfast?
I never skip since I got minor gastric.

Dark chocolate : turn ons?
Deep voice, straight serious face, gentleness, wangi

Fudge : turn offs?
Asap rokok, perempuan pakai baju ketat nampak lemak bertingkek tingkek (euw)

Peach : How do you relax?
I sleep.

Praline : A popular book you haven't read yet?
I do not even know what's famous nowadays except for the GE.

Superman : Do you like sweaters?
A lot. Especially since I am now working in a mall.

Cherry : Do you drink tea or coffee?
Preferably tea.

Dulce de Leche : An instrument you wish you could play?
Bass. Thanks to YoungK.

Blackberry : Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
Last week. A friend of mine accidentally mispronounce watermelon as waterlemon. It's lame but I laughed for almost ten minutes and felt like dying.

Ginger : A new feature you wish tumblr could have?
I do not use Tumblr as much.

Blueberry lemon : Favourite blogs?
Erinazmir, LiyanaJasmi, yours.

Almond : Favourite mean girl quotes?
I do not know. Sorry.

Butterscotch : What color are your nails right now?
Their original colour. White pinkish.

Cinnamon : Have you ever been confessed to?
Yes. A few times. But I received none. Because of my kpop boyfriend.

Blue moon : Have you ever had a crush on someone?
Sapa je tak pernah.

Cappucino crunch : Do you take naps?
When I have my free time.

Mint : The most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
I pernah terhantuk tiang masa sekolah rendah sebab jalan sambil bergosip. Padan muka.

Brownie Batter : Do you like sushi?
Not really.

Key lime : Where do you want to be right now?
By your side. Cia cia cia.

Red velvet : Do you wear prescription glasses?
Yes I do. But my power was below 500.

Green tea : Favourite flavors of ice cream?
Forever chocolate.


So, that was it. Feel free to do it too. Do comment if you done yours because I would like to read them and know more about you.

Stay tuned!

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