21 Mar 2017

30 Things of My Three Months

I'm not really keen to write a super long essay here. So, let's make it short and see how's my three months of 2017 going on

01. I'm in love with the mini chicken chop sold at my school canteen. It's only RM2 and you got a handful size of chicken. That's heaven. And its black pepper sauce too. Finger lickin'.

02. I was selected as the presidents of three out of four clubs I've joined in school. These are miserable, seriously.

03. The school launched a program that celebrates the students' birthday each two months. But my birthday was in October. Sorry not sorry

04. I was one of the 30 students who've been targeted to achieve excellent results in SPM. Well, 6As considered excellent in my school.

05. I'm also one of the 10 students that are targeted to get straight As in SPM. This is a total burden.

06. I lost 2kg in two weeks. Thanks for the 'kawad kaki'.

07. Recently found that basketball was really interesting when our PE teachers taught us to play the game. My team won the game yehet!

08. I'm in love with Physics now. I don't know why. It's just so sudden.

09. I ate junk foods a lot these past few months. Pizza, KFC, McD and such.

10. I've told my mom that I want to diet for a month and I earned a big laugh from her. Sobs.

11. I've found my new phobia which is fire. I'm so panicked around them.

12. I've slept twice in school throughout this year for the school's programs. But it's not as that cool though. My back sore.

13. Just realized that bawal crepe doesn't really suit me. I look extra chubby in them, so bye crepe and hello shawl.

14. Finally shopped online. I've received a voucher from Zalora and I used it to buy a shirt from the company. It turns out really nice!

15. My crush talked a lot to me nowadays. Sometimes I felt sorry for him since I'm not that talkative.

16. My hate to famous girls increased since my classmates or I could say my best friends are a part of them now. They are so clingy and snobbish and talkative. These are so not me.

17. I'm en route to being a nerd again. I've moved from my usual place in class to in front of the teacher's desk. I can barely move or talk.

18. I daydream a lot nowadays that I accidentally burnt my sister's school uniform that day. Poor her. Sorry not sorry.

19. I got grey hairs. Not one or two, but tonnes of them! My God T_T

20. I started to fall in love with pink that I suggested my friends to paint the class all pink and they kindly accepted it. Godsend.

21. I've joined a camp recently. I think I've broke myself well. I can barely move for two days. Hiking the Mount Jerai, ups and downs the obstacles and ate a plate of rice with two small anchovies. What else?

22. I got a kind of cultural shock at the camp when the girls who also joined it, bath together in nothing but their undies. It feels like I'm a boy there. Seriously

23. I just noticed that I never cut my hair for the past four months.

24. I have the guts to speak English now, even not too much. Thanks to my English teacher.

25. I think I eat too much now. Maybe I'll gain my 2kg back.

26. I'm in love with Lee JoonGi nowadays. Thanks to Scarlet Heart and the online drama (Sorry, I can't remember the title by the time I wrote this)

27. Day6 is bae. And YoungK was mine. Take note.

28. I love to take photos nowadays, but never post a picture of mine here. Did you ever notice?

29. I love pizza but then I realized that I love chicken more. Sorry Pijja!

30. I really want to join the Lazada Blogger Birthday Contest but I'm only 17. Hiks.

Till then 💋

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10 Mar 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

A very special thanks to Lya since she was the one who nominated me to do this. I guess this is one of the latest trend here, no? 

The rules :
  • Thanks the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your post and/or on your blog

So, here we go. Yay!

1. A simple introduction about you and your blog.
Since you said simple, then I'd say, I'm a girl. I'm short-sighted and petite. Somehow I think I'm overweight too. I'm really introvert that I never start a conversation thus getting the nickname Icy for that behavior. So don't be shock if we meet one day and I never greet you.

Im not really good at promoting my blog anyway. I would just say that Miraleecious is a blog without any niche. It's just too random that sometimes I felt like deleting it. But, I love this blog so much so forget it. Right now, I'm using a premade template since I love the simplicity. I don't own any domain yet never spend anything for this blog. Well, maybe not now. Let see what would happen in 5 years to come.

2. What's you fear/phobia? Why?
I hate animals. Not all kind of them but most of them. Even a cat. Don't ask me why since I don't have any idea too. And recently, I discovered that I also scared of fire. Thanks to the latihan kebakaran in school for realizing me. Fire makes me panicked really easily, I don't lie.

3. What makes you happy? Why?
People's laughter. Trust me, seeing them laughing out loud (especially those with the funniest laugh ever) make me fluttered. Yes, even when I don't understand their jokes. I love seeing people happy. It's just a pure bliss.

4. What the one thing you would like to change about yourself? Why?
My blinking habit. It's getting worsen nowadays. The teachers always ask me whether I understand the lesson since I always blink like a dumb during lesson. Noob sis.

5. What was the last movie/book you went to/read? How was it?
I've watch a movie entitled Senior recently. I guess it was a Thai movie. Sorry, I hardly recognize foreign language anyway. The movie told about a man (he's a ghost) and a girl. They were trying to figure out a mysterious death of a lady. I must say that this movie has its own thrill and make me curious to know more. Plus, the ghost was quite handsome. Pft. Watch it out to know more. As for book, I don't read any of them since last month. Sorry.

6. When was the last time you broke someone's heart? Why?
I guess it was by the end of 2016. A boy (he's the same age as me) confessed and I thought he was just joking, so I rejected him directly. And he never talk to me anymore. Lucky me, he changed into another school now. But was it because of me? Leave it.

7. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, clean bathroom or vacuum the house?
Among the three, I'd rather vacuum the house. Well first, I hate playing with dishes since I might broke them one by one. Plus, we've used to wash our own dishes since we're kid. So, there's no wash-the-dishes in our chores list. And bathroom mesmerize me to the school toilet, so no.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
If my academic was really good or at least average, I might be a teacher . That's what I see in myself. But if it not, I would be a nice wife to my rich-handsome-tall-white-cute-and-so-on husband and live in a castle-like house (and this might not happen)

9. What is one thing you will never do?
Confess my feeling to the person I love. I hate the saying pergi mencari timba or whatever it is. I don't want to put my dignity at the lower rate just because. After all, I believe in fate. So, let's just wait. Or maybe I'll get married at the age of 50.

10. If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Obviously, chicken. 

11. Name 2 items and 1 person you'll bring along to survive with on a deserted island. Why?

There's two situation here.

In reality, I'll bring my mom with me together with my phone and my blanket. They are ones that I love the most. I believe I can survive with them. And my mom, I could listen to her stories till the end of my life. She's just a real inspiration.

In fantasy, I'll bring Jaebum and still my phone and my lovely blanket. Jae was not just a role model but also a husband-material. He makes me think that music industry was so much better but well we know the truth. 

So, am I considered as answering the questions? Perhaps it's a yes.

Anyway, I'm not gonna tag anyone or create any other questions since I noticed that you've done this a lot. I'm not going to trouble you. Sorry. 

Till then 💋

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