Casual Wear Style Tips To Light Up Your Day

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Assalamualaikum and hi!

People keep thinking that casual wear is not as important as formal dress code does. Maybe it was true that casual wear means to wear anything that you like, but how can we dress up casually without looking lazy? Is it possible? 

Frankly saying, as a girl, I know women find it hard to dress casually. We sure have tonnes of clothes in our wardrobe, or maybe wardrobes, but still we are unsure of what to wear and how to dress up especially when it comes to casual wear. 

"Oh, this is too much to be casual."

"Nahh, this is too ugly to be worn."

"What if my friends got better dresses than I do?"

Admit it guys, I know it! We, girls are always like this (which makes us spend the whole day just to find a suitable clothes to be worn) 😂

After all, we need to enjoy ourselves too. It was like a must to dress up in the best womens clothing as casually as possible during our weekends and even weekdays! So, why not?

But, how to dress casually? 

Literally, Jeans and a T-shirt have been described as the 'casual uniform'. Basic materials used for casual wear include denim, cotton, jersey, polyester, flannel and also fleece. They already sounded casual, no? I'm sure we must have at least one of these basic materials, right? Jerseys especially.

However, please avoid wearing materials such as velvet, chiffon and brocade. Oh, come on! They sounded rich and expensive already! These would not make you any casual. Trust me.

#1 Think about wearing layers, not individual pieces.
Throw on a nice blazer (for business casual outfits) or a cardigan. Please note that casual is about being relaxed but still stylish, and chic too! Layering allows you to feel comfortable but still unique. Dress your tank top or T-shirt with your cardigan and you're done! However, be careful Malaysian. We're in a hot and humid country, so it is no need to wear too much of layers 😀

#2 Aim for neutral colours
Blacks, greys and whites should do! We can easily match them with any other colours and accessories. You don't have to wear those eye-popping colours outfits. After all, it's all about being casual. Make sure the colour suits your skin too!

#3 More flats
You can still wear your heels for a chic look. But flats are surely more comfortable and suitable. Try out the ankle boots, strappy sandals, leather boots, sneakers or Converse high-tops. Boost your confidence!

#4 Right styles of makeup
It's all about light. Use light coverage foundation to make your skin look glowing, a little bit of powder, a touch of mascara and you're there! If you're going to look casual, your makeup need to be casual too! Don't be overboard!

It's not hard to be casual, right? The idols already have them too!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your casual wear and lit up your day!

Till then 💋

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  1. Actually, I just realized how #1 and #2 are actually such a good idea. but kinda restrict ed on wearing layers since we are in malaysia. one more good tips, at least for me, to match with a good black jeans. since i'm such a sucker for jeans so I choose black one if i didn't want to look too casual (or for me too pemalas)

    1. I love to wear jeans too. And yes, I don't think wearing layers should be good for Malaysians too ><

  2. I love casual wear because lagi selesa, senang nak mix and match.
    fav color to wear is black and dark blue, easiest color to match with jeans and any pants

    XX Atheera | XX

    1. Setuju sangat. Rather than nak pakai dress bagai kan ._.

  3. Setuju semua kat atas. Claudy suka pakai berlapis2, sampai masa balik Malaysia tahun lalu, bawak baju almost kena berlayer2, terlupa kat Malaysia tak berapa sesuai pakai baju macam tu xD akhirnya baju nak pakai tak banyak pilihan xD

    1. Baju berlayer memang nampak cantik kan kalau pakai. Tapi tulah sebab cuaca kat Malaysia, susah kita nak jadikan trend. Mahu panas berbahang kalau buat jugak ><