26 Jan 2017

My Sins as A Student

My Sins as A Student

Assalamualaikum and hi

Everyone who reads must surely aware that I'll be sitting for SPM this year. I know I've been telling this over and over, but I would never get bored to tell this every single second. This year will decide my future. Sounds cliche, but I do realise about it and I'm not going to waste it.

Anyway, as a student myself, I always did some mistakes here and there. Mistakes that I did with a purpose or not. I've been regretting those mistakes each time, tried to put them away, but still they were there. I'm so done honestly. Here are the top sins I've made as a student since I knew what is life looks like.

#1 No Focus
My biggest problem and sin ever, I guess. I always lose attention in classes. Basically, my focus would only last for somehow twenty minutes and I will do something else afterwards. Poking my friends, having some nonsense chit-chat or even sleep! I don't really know what had happened to me for this past years, but this not going to be any worse. I'm going to change. Luckily, the duration of a subject changed to only thirty minutes now. It was forty minutes before. So long and boring!

#2 Procrastinate
I've mentioned about this before. I tend to procrastinate, like always, procrastinate. I skipped homeworks, not even bother to finish them up in time and that was really bad. I have to stay up until 2am just to finish my homeworks that I've abandoned for the whole week. Seriously. This was an unbelievable side of me and I'm slowly changing now. Alhamdulillah.

#3 Never to ask
I'm not going to understand something real quick like some people always do. I need time and sometimes I can never understand them. This is getting worsen when I never ask. Teachers always give us the chance to ask when we're having trouble. However, I never grab this opportunity. Pathetic. I was too shy or even too lazy to ask. Not going to do that anymore. I'm not going to be any better.

#4 Too lazy to do revision
I've been using a planner nowadays. I have to admit it did help. I can barely finished my homeworks on time, having good times for myself and enough time to rest. However, I never use my ample time to do some revision. The spirit was there, but the lust would never help. I finished my homeworks by the evening, ironing my uniform for like an hour, and have enough time to study, around two hours and it was totally more than enough! I can finish a subtopic by that two hours, but I've never done a thing until the moment I write this. I hate myself so much. 

#5 Distracted too much
I always got distracted. Especially to anything related to entertainment. I will spend most of my time with them and forget everything else. I've tried to avoid this, but having a sister that loves the same things like you would never help anything. She was the one who'll inform me about every single thing. When will the drama started, what will be on air tomorrow night and such. I'm so exhausted by all this.

That's some of my biggest sins as a student. I need to change myself or I will be in serious trouble.

How about you? What are your sins as a student? Share them with us!

Till then 💋
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13 Jan 2017

My First Two Weeks of School

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Assalamualaikum and hi

Just realized that this is my first post of 2017. Phew, school did hit me hard. Everything went smoothly though. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, my first two weeks of school was just nice. I've met the same classmates, learning the same subjects and facing the same teachers. Kinda boring but I have to bear with it. Just for another few months. Come on.

Form 5 was a bit miserable. No, it was totally miserable. We have to learn more difficult things and homeworks were like crazy. We have around 6-7 subjects per day and almost one or two homeworks for each subject. Just imagine it. I started doing them on 3pm and barely finished by 11pm. NO REST. It's not like I'm complaining, but hell yeah, I'm not a robot.

Our new principal made many new improvements to the school. I'm dying to remember that this would be our last year there. Aside from the canteen and the library, the classes name were changed too. My class that was supposed to be 5 Sains 1 changed to 5 Sains Elit. It was hard for us to adapt with it, so we still call our class as 5 Sains 1.

One of the good things I've learned in this two weeks of school was not to procrastinate. I've mentioned before in my previous post about my procrastination habit. So, this is one of the things I have successfully done. I can't even imagine what would happen if this habit of mine was still there.

Bad thing? We have our first meeting of co-curricular clubs by this week. Unfortunately, I was selected as the president for the 3 out of 4 clubs that I've joined. Thanks dear friends who pointed me out and voting me. I know these positions will help me to gain more marks by the end of the year, but come on man! Being a president won't be easy!

I really love my English teacher. He was absolutely the best. He reminisces me to my primary school teacher. He makes me want to learn English every single day. It's not like I hate my Form 4's English teacher. He was nice too, but he rarely taught us or entered the class since he was too busy with the disciplines things. I've lost my interest in English by that time. Thank God that my new teacher was really good.

Overall, everything was okay and I hope this will continue till the end of the year.

Anyway, I'm not going to be really active by this year. SPM hit me hard. I rarely got time for myself. Thank you for dropping by and following me. I'll visit you as soon as I can, just not now. Do pray for me too.

Till then 💋
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