What's in My 2016

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What's in My 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi

2016 will end soon. I would say that this year was another amazing year for me. There were ups and downs but they were some tests from Allah. I've accepted them though 😊. There were lots of things happened in 2016. Actually, I don't remember all of them, but I would try to describe some.


Studying in form 4 was quite challenging 😴. I began to know what were my abilities, disabilities, passions and such. Learning new subjects have been the worst experience ever. I need to really adapt or I will lose. However, I managed to go throughout the year efficiently. Thanks for them who help. Overall, studying in form 4 was a real struggle. Really 😡


This is not the lovey-dovey relationship though 😂. It's the relationship between me and my friends. I gained new friends and lost some friends this year since we're in a brand new class according to our PT3's results. It sucked at first as I'm not good at making friends. Luckily, my classmates were so nice and friendly which I began to make friend with them quickly. We have more Chinese and Indian friends this year too. They helped us to learn some new bad words. Uhuks 😎

The relationship between me and my girl friends were getting better too. We're supposed to be six, but one of us transferred to another school. This was my least favourite part 😑. It has been a while since we met though. Know what, being only five of us were miserable. Pity the one who always being alone honestly. However, this made the five of us closer 😍


We're girls and there's always a need to be pretty. However, that was a choice. I'm a bit upset about a tradition in my school 😡. Those who are prettier will get tons of attention more than those who are smarter. That was totally unfair. Why would they judge us by appearance? Poor us who aren't beautiful. Know what? This tradition made one of us changed a bit. She really wants to be beautiful and she did. But her studies were going down. That's what I hate about this. Leave it 😒


Alhamdulillah, my saving habit has improved this year 😏. I'm worst in saving, you know. My money will be spent for the useless things especially foods. However, I managed to control myself this year. I can proudly clap for myself now 👏💦


I've started to blog again this year. This was another improvement for me. I've created tons of blogs before, but none of them managed seriously. Poor them and poor myself. I hope Miraleecious would be a permanent blog though. Because what, I'm in love with this blog a lot 💘


There's a lot of embarrassing incidents happened to me this entire year. Being the clumsy me, I'll always slip when climbing the stairs or walking by the corridor 😂

There's a day when my friend, Sarah and I were waiting for our parents at the school gate. She warned me already though, 'Hang tolong jangan terkangkang kat sini.' Know what, I slipped 😣. Infront of one of the most popular boys in school! He tried to help me, but what else I can do other than blushed like crazy? I hope I can delete the scene from his mind. He's my senior anyway, so I won't meet him anymore in 2017. Lucky me. However, since the incident, he would always send me a smile when he saw me. Just a sincere one, but I'm so done. I hate him but I hate myself more 😬😭

That's what my 2016 was. There are always ups and downs. How about you? How was your 2016?

Till then 💋

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  1. Somehow I laughed at the last part... If I'm at your place, I would pretend that I don't even remember him and hid myself..xD
    Goodluck with your spm but I'm sure you could catch your form 4 subjects soon.. I'm suck during form 4 too and only could catch it up during form 5.. xD

    1. You could really laugh because that's what I always do too. My clumsy side ._.

      I hope for the same too. I really want to catch up everything.

  2. reading your posts makes me reminiscing my past.
    rindunya zaman sekolah

    1. Aww. Maybe going through your photo albums or anything related could help you to reminiscing your school memories? ><