The Worst And Most Horrific Things I’ve Ever Accidentally Done To A Book

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The Worst And Most Horrific Things I’ve Ever Accidentally Done To A Book

Assalamualaikum and hi

Books have been a part of my life since forever. Reading makes me feel wonderful. Thus, the books that I read must surely be taken care well. I treat my books like they're my queens and won't ever think to even bend them. 

However, sometimes accidents may occur and my books might damage because of my own fault. This totally spoiled my mood. I'll maybe cry my heart out. After all, they are my books and I really take care of them. I hate myself for being clumsy and careless.

I've dropped my book in a drain

This happened several times, in school especially. I was holding too many of books till I can see nothing in front. And then, one of the books slipped and directly went into the drain. God, if it was my home's drain, I would never really mind. It was school drain and school drain was too much for my books 😭

I broke the spine

This is one of the worst. I promised myself not to break the spine, but I broke my own promise. I did it with or without purpose. Thanks for being lazy enough. I've regretted but always repeat the same mistake. I hate breaking spine, but I always did them 😩

I've torn pages

I even did this on my textbook and became panic like hell. Textbooks aren't mine, so it was a must to take really good care of them. However, because of my clumsiness, I accidentally tore a page or few from turning them too fast. I was like 'Good Amira, really good' while knocking my head repeatedly

I've spilt food on book pages

I did this once and will never do this again. I was too hungry, but too eager to stop reading, which makes me eat some foods while reading. And damn, the food spilt. I did curse, seriously. Will never ever forgive myself for being too eager.

I've stuffed too many books in a bag and bent covers

This always happens to my school books. There's too many books to be stuffed in my tiny school bag and apparently, the covers bent. I'm so glad of this -_- Feel like ironing the covers so it would be like before. Or maybe I should bring a travel bag to school.

I've folded the pages

This is a normal thing actually. But for me, folded pages aren't nice and might make my books cacat. I really hate this and rather use a bookmark then folding the pages. So, I would admit that I have quite a number of bookmarks, handmade or what.

There you go. I'm always being a paranoid when it comes to books. Anyone who face the same problem?

So, what was the worst thing you ever done to your book? Why don't you share them to me? I would really love to know. 😀

Till then. Wallahualam  💋

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  1. Sama! Semua perkara tidak sengaja diatas mampu buat kemurungan seminggu, kalau ternampak buku tu depan mata lagilah tahap kemurungan bertambah. hahaha

    1. Haa. Sedih berminggu-minggu :'(

  2. Semua pernah buat kecuali no 1. Alahai, tak boleh nak diselamatkan dah kalau jadi camtu kan.. huhu.