It's Gegar Vaganza Fever

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It's Gegar Vaganza Fever

Assalamualaikum and hi

Did you watch the final stage of Gegar Vaganza (GV) last night? It was so cool! Yes, I know. Some of you will scrunch your nose, thinking how I managed to watch this kind of program, no? Thanks to my mama for this.

Mama is a hardcore fan of GV since the first season. Nahh, back then, I'm not so into this program. I rather sleep than watching this. However, since last year, I've started to watch GV. It was because Amir Ukays joined it though. I'm his big fan 😁

And I thought I was the only one among my friends who watch GV. But no. My friends were hardcore fans of GV too!

Let me prove it 

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

See what I mean? They aren't just watching. They go crazy over it! I was totally surprised at first, to be honest. 😂

The contestants' performances were totally amazing. Each one of them. I'll might get a severe headache if I was one of the judges, honestly. You should see how they performed. Anyway, for those who didn't watch, here is the list of the winners.

#1 - Azharina
#2 - Siti Sarah
#3 - Zarul
#4 - Ameng
#5 - Intan Sarafina
#6 - Gmie

Congratulations to all of them. It was not easy to be on final stage. And, I've already bet that Azharina would be the winner. She got a really amazing voice. I'm stunned with her since the first episode.

Anyway, I didn't even mention who was my favourite singer for this season of GV. How about if I let you guys to guess it? Can you guess who was that person? Do tell me in the comment section. 😉

So, anyone who is watching it, how was your feeling? Was it good? I would like to hear from you too.

Till then. Wallahualam 💋

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  1. Best best! Siqah follow GV3 dari first concert. GV sebelum ni tak follow sangat pun. Excited pulak rasa untuk kali ni. Hihi.

    Tak tahulah nak teka amira suka siapa. Hmm maybe same like me, siti sarah dan zarul? 😄

  2. wah layan GV jugak. hee, claudy tak pernah tengok GV but sometimes ikut perkembangan GV juga hehehe

    1. Parents tengok, so lama-lama terlayan jugak ><

  3. GegarVaganza slogan dia yang otai masih berbisa ennn?
    Ade ustaz kata "Otai masih berdosa" kelakar la ahahaaah

    1. Ya, Khai. Yang tulah ><
      Haha :D