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bigbang MADE

Assalamualaikum and hi

Before I continue, I would like to remind that this gonna be a Kpop-related post. 😁

Okay, who still don't know about MADE? You must be kidding me 😐. It had passed a week or less, I guess. I would really love to give Bigbang round of applause for this album. Know what, this is their best album for me. Why? Because I love every single song in this album 💗. Nothing left behind.

Here goes the list of the song.

- Fxxk It
- Last Dance
- Girlfriend
- Let's Not Fall In Love
- Loser
- Bae Bae
- Bang Bang Bang
- Sober
- If You
- Zutter (GD & T.O.P)
- We Like 2 Party

The latest releases was Fxxk It, Last Dance and Girlfriend. The rest of the songs had been released before. Oh yes, each one of them got their own MVs too! What else do you want, VIPs? 😍

If you're a soft type person, I recommend you to listen to Last Dance, Let's Not Fall In Love, If You and We Like 2 Party (sort of) If you're other way around, do listen to the ones that I didn't mention. You will have no regret, honestly. 😊

GD took part in every songs' lyrics. He's just amazing. I'm really proud of him. If only T.O.P didn't catch my attention first. Auch. Please hate me. And yes, this suddenly reminds me of Heechul's quote.

Don't call yourself as a fan if you don't like every member of a band

He was right though. Why did you love a band if you hate one or two of the members?

I must say that I can't really ignore one of the songs. I listen to them almost every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. I don't get bored anyway. They're just amazing. I have to admit that I'm not a hardcore fan of Bigbang neither one of the members. But somehow, I did listen to their songs. Before MADE was released, I love to hear to Blue and Bad Boy. Now, my favourite playlist of them has increased! 😆

I'm so lucky that I have friends with different fandoms. I got instant updates almost every single day. One VIP, One iGot7 (this is me), two Exo-L and the rest of them were Armies. We talked and exchanged our opinions about our fandoms. We did argue sometimes, but not much. A little bit teasing and insulting. No offense. 🙈

I have to admit again that I'm actually multifandom. I listen to different Kpop songs and go crazy over them. I've said I love to listen to music. So, any interesting songs will automatically on my playlists. So, you might say that I have no fandom too. How pathetic I am. However, Im Jaebum was mine. Take note. 😛

Back to MADE.

I don't know how to express my excitement. This was too overwhelming. Just how many VIPs had died because of this?  Rest in peace, guys. Enjoy yourself before you have to grab a box of tissue as soon as the members going to perform their military services. Sorry no sorry. 😂💦

Nahh, here goes some preview of the two newest MVs

Sorry for the bad quality

By the way, I didn't mention my most favourite song for this album. I'd just mentioned them generally. So, can you guess my favourite song? 😏

So, how many of you are VIPs? Share your thoughts.

Till then. Wallahualam 💋

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  1. Okay I have read about MADE before but I don't know why I'm just not into Bigbang.. But since it's been a top now, maybe I would give a try to the songs that you had listed.. xD

    1. I'm not really into Bigbang too, actually. But their new songs were just amazing! You should really listen to them :D

  2. I'm a VIP ! haha. I loove Fxxk it. and I guess you like it the most too?

    1. Ahh. You're so good. How did you know? ><

  3. i love BigBang! totally love all song in bigbang MADE :D

  4. BigBang members are literally my baes lol. I love this album so effing much! But my favorites among all the songs are If You and Let's Dance. I listen to this album everyday because they're so good :D

    P/S: You and your friends are literally me and my friends. We talked a lot about our fandoms. But most of my friends are Armies.

    1. Totally! If only I know them much before I know others groups. It's not a regret anyway.

      It's fun to exchange our opinions among fandoms. Oh, most of my friends are Armies too. No doubt. Bangtan are getting popular nowadays ><

  5. when haru haru went on MTV i was in love with Big Bang right away. but now not so much. heard about this and try to hear some but i think my kpop era has passed. geez, the rest of your friend were Armies? my sisters too! i do like Save Me.

    1. I feel you. Time flew anyway. Yes. I'm not one of those Army but it's okay. I'm okay with them.

      And yes, Save Me was one of my fav too ^^