Study Habits Questionnaire

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Study Habits Questionnaire


I actually found this on Mai's blog. Thanks to her for giving me an idea to update. I'm running out of idea, honestly 😂

So, let me share my study habits :)

#What time you start studying and how long?
I always do any revision or study by the evening. As for me, studying at night will never be good. I don't sure why, but my brain will be slower by nights. I also never did any revision by early mornings. I always have the urge to, but I never wake up too early to do so T_T

#Do you stay up all night to study?
I've tried. But I can't. So, NO.

#Any favourite place or port while you study?
No. I can study anywhere I want, but not in front of the television. It will totally distract me from studying though. Same goes to bed. I'll be too lazy once I'm on my bed. My best port is in the kitchen, with a cup of tea and a jar of biscuits so I can eat when I feel bored ><

#Do you listen to music or not?
I love to listen to music. But, not when I'm studying. I'm the type that easily got distracted when studying. So, music will definitely interrupt me and my books, especially when I need to study subjects that need me to memorize things such as Biology.

#Do you start from front page or back page of book?
Front page for sure. Some subjects have chapters that related to each other. So, skipping any chapter won't help any better. Plus, I'm quite slow in understanding. I need to go through one by one and reversing chapters would be really funny 😐

#Do you study all of section or just the important section?
Depends. For Form 4, subjects like Biology and Chemistry only give out the basics about the subjects on the first chapter. So I usually skipped as there's nothing to study about. I also did this for monthly test where there's only a few chapters or sections will be asked. So, only some important and 'popular' sections. But I never done this on my final exams.

#Do you highlight your textbooks?
Nope. High schoolers don't have any right on their textbooks as they will be collected back by the end of the year. So, we're forbidden to highlight our textbooks. But I did highlight my workbooks and reference books. This helps me to understand the important things on a section.

#Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere?
I can do both. But I like making notes more. Books like Sejarah was written in paragraphs but somehow not everything in a paragraph were important. So, notes will help me study better and easier.

#Will you memorize all chapters or not?
Nope. This is somehow bullying my brain. There's tons of facts to memorize and I know my brain can't afford it. So the best thing is to understand the chapters well. Eventhough it needs time, but it was much better. I love this way as I can imagine myself being in those chapters especially subjects like Sejarah. I also won't stuck if I suddenly fotgot the things I memorize.

#What method you have for a smart study?
For subjects that need me to memorize facts or such, I'll use my friends' name to arrange my facts. Things such as 'Aisha Pakai Seluar Terbalik' will make me memorize better. Funny but this is the truth. And of course, without my friend's knowing though. Or I will get kicked on my ass 😆

#How you got your motivation to study?
When my biggest rivals got better results than me, then I'll be totally fumed. I like challenges and I'll do anything to win the challenge that I did purposely. In a good way surely.

#Do you decorate your study table? If do, how?
I don't. I like making things simple but I do love cute stuffs ><

#What most important things you must have on it?
My books, my pencil case, a glass of plain water, my phone and sometimes my laptop.

That's how I study. So, what's yours?

Till then. Wallahualam.

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  1. Acronyms! Mai pun selalu guna, kadang2 ridiculous sgt tau, tapi yang pelik2 tu la yang akan ingat pon.

    1. Haa. Yang karut memang senang nak ingat :P

  2. Method tu haaa! Nice one! Hahaha