Cheer Me Up Book Tag

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Cheer Me Up Book Tag


This tag is originally created by Fatina but I found this on Siqah's blog. Thanks for both of them for giving me an idea to update. Oh my, I got nothing to update recently. Someone help me 😢

So, let's terjah :P

1. Your current reading

Don't judge me. I have nothing to read so I grab one from my sister's collection. Just, why not? 😂

2. Suggest one of your favourite book.
Hard to choose actually. But I rather choose My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. I still can't move on from this book ><

3. What genre do you like to read?
Young adult. Horror. Thriller. Actually I can read anything as long as it suits my taste 

4. How many books do you read in a month?
Around 3 to 5 books. But it also depends on my mood actually.

5. Where do you usually purchase books?
Any nearby bookstores. And also booksales. So heaven!

6. Have you ever fall to sleep when reading because you find out, its tedious?
No. I don't want to ruin my books. They are my life 💖

7. Which one do you prefer, standalone or trilogy/series?
Both are okay. But I would rather choose a standalone. I have a love-hate relationship with series books before, I can't find the next series T_T

8. Which book(s) has cheer you up?
Too much. I can't choose. 😝

9. Do you read book's review before buying it?
Sometimes. But usually not. I don't want to give any bad impressions to the book that I had read the review. 

10. Will you stop reading, if the book isn't interesting or will you keep on reading them?
No matter how boring the book was, I'll still read. It hard to stop as it will leave me in curiosity. So, I'll keep reading. This is how I appreciate the writers too 😊

11. Have you re-reading the book again and again?
Yes but I need to forget the storyline first or I'll be expecting what happening next.

12. Do you ever felt that once you finish reading a book, you find it hard to move on from it?
Always but only for somewhile. I can move on to a new book soon. Maybe in few days?

13. Have you ever cried during your reading?
For right now, not yet. I don't have any privacy to cry. I don't want my family to see my with furrowed eyebrows if I cry suddenly. But, sometimes I will tear up. Huhu 😛

14. Why do you think reading has make you happy?
Reading helps me to be into the characters. This is another way for me to run away from my reality. By reading, I could travel, do something new and even married (pft..) Nothing can make me as this happy honestly.

There you go. I'm done with this tag. I would glad if you wanna join too :)

Till then. Wallahualam.

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  1. its nice to see another blogger to do a 'Cheer Me Up Book Tag'! I feel so happy reading your answers :) Hopefully, you enjoy doing this tag! Thank you again for doing this tag! :D

    1. Aww. I'm the one who should say thanks for making a beautiful tag like this :)

  2. Bagusnya amira. Tak berhenti baca walaupun buku tu boring. Akak feel bad terus :( Btw, buku yang currently reading tu dah habis baca ke? Review please. Hihi. Lawak tengok tajuknya tue..

    1. Siqah bagi idea nak update hehe. Insyaa Allah nanti saya review :)