15 Things You Don't Know About Me

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15 Things You Don't Know About Me

Assalamualaikum and hi

I stumbled upon Fatin's and Liyana's blog and found this. This kind of post always crossed in my mind actually. But, I'm too lazy to do anything that time, so yeah, why not now, no?

Actually, I think I've already told almost everything about myself on my About page. But, it would be good if I share some more. Especially for those who never open my About page 😛

Let's go!

1. I'm sixteen, but nobody would expect this as I'm petite and my younger sister was much taller than me. Sometimes, this is really offensive, but I'm glad I look younger actually :P

2. I love English more than Bahasa. But I never have the guts to speak English as my pronunciation was bad.

3. I love to eat but I hate to cook. Forgive me, mom! 😶

4. I'm really secretive. I rarely share my personal problems to people even to my mom. But she was the best in predicting me. She always know when I was having problems.

5. I'm really clingy. Less self-confidence makes me can't be apart with my friends. When I'm being alone, there's a feeling that someone, no matter they're good or bad, is watching me like I'm doing something really bad to them.

6. I love watching people dancing. I was lucky that my Chinese classmates were really good in dancing. They always amazed me with their cute dance.

7. I'm really choosy when it's come to a man. My friends never introduce their boyfriends to me as I always said they're not handsome at all 😂

8. I have the habit to blink my eyes rapidly when talking with people. This sometimes makes people misunderstand. They thought I didn't understand what they're talking about.

9. I love to drink plain water. Juices can't quench my thirst quickly.

10. I have a strong heart and rarely cry. But when I burst in tears, I can't stop easily.

11. Back then, I love when my hair was short. But now, I love when my hair was long and never want to cut them off.

12. I have the most confidence in my smile and my eyebrows. 😆

13. I have a habit to scratch my neck when I'm nervous.

14. I'm really forgetful. I can't even remember what I'm talking about for the past 10 minutes.

15. People kept saying I'm matured. But I never think so. I'm so childish around my family and friends.

Now, I think you know many things about me already. Why not sharing yours? I would glad to know you better 😗

Till then. Wallahualam 💋

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  1. It wasn't until my foundation that I start using English to converse and heck, it took a lot of courage for me ._. my Chinese classmates love dancing too! Once, they (a boy, actually) perform Alone by SISTAR lol man, hes good ;'D

    1. Yes. Confidence are all ._.
      Oh my, so exciting. Why they're so talented? :'(

  2. Nice to know about you, amira :)

  3. Comel je scratch your neck when you nervous. When I'm nervous I can't sit or stand properly :p

    1. Ehehe. Comel? Seriously. Ahaa, tu pun habit jugak. Tambah-tambah masa buat presentation :P

  4. you're the same age as my youngest brother!
    High five coz I hate cooking too. Nice to know about you btw ;)

    1. High five!
      Nice to meet you too :)