30 Nov 2016

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

Assalamualaikum and hi 

Bloggers nowadays tend to use free or purchased template for their blogs. Templates could easily be found in webs though. Somehow, templates are really clean and neat. I admitted that those nice templates are really attractive. But, some of us rather to design our own template, in order to make it different from the others, and also as a sign that they're creative enough to build their own site. 

As said, available templates are really nice and featuring good stuffs in them that somehow help their users to gain more followers, traffics, incomes and such. One of the best features available in a template was the Pin It pinterest button. I don't know what is your opinion, but for me, pinterest button helps your blog to grow wider. Interested?

Let's see how a pinterest button could works efficiently in your blog 😀  I've tried and it's working. Hover over any images in my posts and you'll see a cute pinterest button would appear, aight?


1. From your Blogger Dashboard, go to the Template section. 

2. Then,press that Edit HTML button. This is where all your confusing codes were put, right?

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

3. Click anywhere inside the code area and press Ctrl + F simultaneously. In the Search box, type </body> and hit Enter.

4. Once you found the code, put these codes ABOVE it.

var custom_pinit_button = "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3CPCJ031n9M/U_vWZXUV1SI/AAAAAAAAKPA/8Q3N34ieaBw/s1600/pinit-button.png";
var pinit_button_position = "center";
var pinit_button_before = "";
var pinit_button_after = "";
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script id='pinit-img-button' type='text/javascript'>
// Visit helplogger.blogspot.com for more widgets and tricks.
eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--)r[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c);k=[function(e){return r[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--)if(k[c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('1i(1j).1k(r($){$(\'M\').1l(\'<6 p="4:D;" N="A" O="\'+13+\'" >\');$(\'#7-6-P\').1m();3 l;3 m;3 n;$(\'.A\').1n(r(){m=$(\'.A\').E(F);n=$(\'.A\').G(F);$(\'.A\').1o()});3 o=$(\'#7-6-P\').1p().1q("1r.1s.14");o!=-1&&15();r 15(){$(\'.s-16 6,.H-M 6,.s-17 6\').1t(\'.18,.18 6\').1u(r(){$(\'.7-4\').t("4","D");19(l);3 a=$(q);3 b=1a(a.t("Q-u"));3 c=1a(a.t("Q-v"));3 d;3 e;1v(1w){B\'1x\':d=a.9().u+a.G(F)/2-n/2;e=a.9().v+a.E(F)/2-m/2;C;B\'1y\':d=a.9().u+b+5;e=a.9().v+c+a.E()-m-5;C;B\'1z\':d=a.9().u+b+5;e=a.9().v+c+5;C;B\'1A\':d=a.9().u+b+a.G()-n-5;e=a.9().v+c+a.E()-m-5;C;B\'1B\':d=a.9().u+b+a.G()-n-5;e=a.9().v+c+5;C}3 f=a.1C(\'O\');3 g=a.1D(\'.H,.1E,.s\').R(\'.H-S,.s-S,.s-1F\');3 h=g.1G();w(T U===\'V\'){U=\'\'}w(T W===\'V\'){W=\'\'}w(g.R(\'a\').1H){X=g.R(\'a\').I(\'Y\').1b(/\\#.+\\b/1c,"")}Z{X=$(1I).I(\'Y\').1b(/\\#.+\\b/1c,"")}3 i=\'<1d N="7-4" p="1e:x;9: 1J;z-1K: 1L;" ><a Y="1M://1N.14/1O/1P/P/?1Q=\'+X+\'&1R=\'+f+\'&1S=\'+U+h+W+\'" p="1e:1T;1U:x;" 1V="1W"><6 N="1X" p="-1Y-J-K:x;-1Z-J-K:x;-o-J-K:x;J-K:x;10: 0.8;20:21;Q: 0;22: 0;23:0;" O="\'+13+\'" S="24 1f 25" ></a></1d>\';3 j=a.11().26(\'a\')?a.11():a;w(!j.y().27(\'7-4\')){j.28(i);w(T l===\'V\'){j.y(\'.7-4\').I("1g","q.p.10=1;q.p.4=\'12\'")}Z{j.y(\'.7-4\').I("1g","q.p.10=1;q.p.4=\'12\';19(29)")}}3 k=j.y(".7-4");k.t({"u":d,"v":e});k.t("4","12");k.L().1h(2a,1.0,r(){$(q).2b()})});$(\'.s-16 6,.H-M 6,.s-17 6\').1f(\'2c\',r(){w($.2d.2e){3 a=$(q).y(\'.7-4\');3 b=$(q).11(\'a\').y(\'.7-4\');l=2f(r(){a.L().t("4","D");b.L().t("4","D")},2g)}Z{$(\'.7-4\').L().1h(0,0.0)}})}});',62,141,'|||var|visibility||img|pinit||position||||||||||||||||style|this|function|entry|css|top|left|if|none|next||loadpinitbutton|case|break|hidden|outerWidth|true|outerHeight|post|attr|box|shadow|stop|body|class|src|button|margin|find|title|typeof|pinit_button_before|undefined|pinit_button_after|pinitURL|href|else|opacity|parent|visible|custom_pinit_button|com|hoverCheck|content|summary|nopin|clearTimeout|parseInt|replace|gi|div|display|on|onmouseover|fadeTo|jQuery|document|ready|append|hide|load|remove|html|indexOf|helplogger|blogspot|not|mouseenter|switch|pinit_button_position|center|topright|topleft|bottomright|bottomleft|prop|closest|hentry|header|text|length|location|absolute|index|9999|http|pinterest|pin|create|url|media|description|block|outline|target|_blank|pinimg|moz|webkit|background|transparent|padding|border|Pin|Pinterest|is|hasClass|after|pinitOnHover|300|show|mouseleave|browser|msie|setTimeout|3000'.split('|'),0,{}))

Notes :

- Replace words in red with your own pinterest button if you have one.
- Replace words in purple to change the position of your pinterest button ( topleft / topright / bottomleft / bottomright )

5. Save template!

Isn't easy? Try it on your blog to make it cooler! However, make sure to backup your template first so that you won't have much trouble if this code doesn't works on your blog.

Till then. Wallahualam 💋
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27 Nov 2016

15 Things You Don't Know About Me

15 Things You Don't Know About Me

Assalamualaikum and hi

I stumbled upon Fatin's and Liyana's blog and found this. This kind of post always crossed in my mind actually. But, I'm too lazy to do anything that time, so yeah, why not now, no?

Actually, I think I've already told almost everything about myself on my About page. But, it would be good if I share some more. Especially for those who never open my About page 😛

Let's go!

1. I'm sixteen, but nobody would expect this as I'm petite and my younger sister was much taller than me. Sometimes, this is really offensive, but I'm glad I look younger actually :P

2. I love English more than Bahasa. But I never have the guts to speak English as my pronunciation was bad.

3. I love to eat but I hate to cook. Forgive me, mom! 😶

4. I'm really secretive. I rarely share my personal problems to people even to my mom. But she was the best in predicting me. She always know when I was having problems.

5. I'm really clingy. Less self-confidence makes me can't be apart with my friends. When I'm being alone, there's a feeling that someone, no matter they're good or bad, is watching me like I'm doing something really bad to them.

6. I love watching people dancing. I was lucky that my Chinese classmates were really good in dancing. They always amazed me with their cute dance.

7. I'm really choosy when it's come to a man. My friends never introduce their boyfriends to me as I always said they're not handsome at all 😂

8. I have the habit to blink my eyes rapidly when talking with people. This sometimes makes people misunderstand. They thought I didn't understand what they're talking about.

9. I love to drink plain water. Juices can't quench my thirst quickly.

10. I have a strong heart and rarely cry. But when I burst in tears, I can't stop easily.

11. Back then, I love when my hair was short. But now, I love when my hair was long and never want to cut them off.

12. I have the most confidence in my smile and my eyebrows. 😆

13. I have a habit to scratch my neck when I'm nervous.

14. I'm really forgetful. I can't even remember what I'm talking about for the past 10 minutes.

15. People kept saying I'm matured. But I never think so. I'm so childish around my family and friends.

Now, I think you know many things about me already. Why not sharing yours? I would glad to know you better 😗

Till then. Wallahualam 💋
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26 Nov 2016

My Blog References and Resources

My Blog References and Resources

Assalamualaikum and hi

So, I was editing my blog for the few times and I hope it would stick like this a bit longer. Hating myself from getting bored of the same look easily. Everyone now can sigh in relief as I'll stop editing now. However, this will only last a few days, I guess. So, here, I'm willingly would love to share what and where I usually go to edit my blog. Plus, this actually could be useful for myself too, where I can easily get back here to find any of my references.

So, My Blog References and Resources would be ;

#1 Wanaseoby [link]

If you're only editing basic things like navbar, blockquote or special hover, you could eventually visit this blog. Her tutorials were awesome and easy to understand for those who are 'loading tahap tenuk' like me. 

#2 Helplogger [link]

I really love the tutorials here. All of the tutorials provided worked magnificently. This is a blog to visit if you want to go further in editing your blog. I've learnt how to do more complicated things like related post widgets, read more options and that Pin It button here.

#3 Xomisse [link]

This blog's tutorials are much more complicated. I won't recommend this for those beginners. I rarely use the blog's tutorials as I myself easily got confused too. However, the tutorials were outstanding and hard to find. Have a look!

#4 AzreenSofia [link]

She wasn't providing any tutorials. But she's the one who gives me lots of ideas to update posts when I'm having a writer's block. You would totally in love with her blog and herself once you stepped into her blog just like I do 💗

#5 GoogleFonts [link]

The reason why I like this site is because they're providing various types of fonts without having me to download any of them. This is so easy and handy as I really hate to download fonts that are surely won't be used regularly. It will be a waste. Google Fonts helps you to add fonts by only copying their provided link. So easy!

#6 StockSnap.io [link]

Here is where I got stock photos. The pictures provided were stunning and high quality. This will help you with good photos in your posts. Have a visit and you'll have a headache of choosing a photo ><

#7 SouthernSpeakers [link]

Here's another tutorial blog. But this will suit them who are using a dynamic view template more. A lot of tutorials for that particular template. However, there's tutorials for other templates too!

#8 WHSR [link]

If you're unaware of your blogging skills, you could quickly visit this blog. They're providing tips and tricks to help beginners to improve their blogs and their writing skills. There's also cute freebies here 😁

#9 Lyssa [link]

Nahh, who doesn't know her? She's a cute blogger with cute writing style and cute tutorials to be done. Other than referring to her tutorials, I also made her as one of my biggest inspirations. How about you?

#10 ErinAzmir [link]

She's my another inspiration. There's tons of things she taught about blogging things. I'm sure anyone who visit will love her writing.

So, they are my references and resources. How about yours? Do you have any blogs that you refer to? Why not sharing them with me? I would glad to know 😀

Till then. Wallahualam. 💋
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25 Nov 2016

Cheer Me Up Book Tag

Cheer Me Up Book Tag


This tag is originally created by Fatina but I found this on Siqah's blog. Thanks for both of them for giving me an idea to update. Oh my, I got nothing to update recently. Someone help me 😢

So, let's terjah :P

1. Your current reading

Don't judge me. I have nothing to read so I grab one from my sister's collection. Just, why not? 😂

2. Suggest one of your favourite book.
Hard to choose actually. But I rather choose My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. I still can't move on from this book ><

3. What genre do you like to read?
Young adult. Horror. Thriller. Actually I can read anything as long as it suits my taste 

4. How many books do you read in a month?
Around 3 to 5 books. But it also depends on my mood actually.

5. Where do you usually purchase books?
Any nearby bookstores. And also booksales. So heaven!

6. Have you ever fall to sleep when reading because you find out, its tedious?
No. I don't want to ruin my books. They are my life 💖

7. Which one do you prefer, standalone or trilogy/series?
Both are okay. But I would rather choose a standalone. I have a love-hate relationship with series books before, I can't find the next series T_T

8. Which book(s) has cheer you up?
Too much. I can't choose. 😝

9. Do you read book's review before buying it?
Sometimes. But usually not. I don't want to give any bad impressions to the book that I had read the review. 

10. Will you stop reading, if the book isn't interesting or will you keep on reading them?
No matter how boring the book was, I'll still read. It hard to stop as it will leave me in curiosity. So, I'll keep reading. This is how I appreciate the writers too 😊

11. Have you re-reading the book again and again?
Yes but I need to forget the storyline first or I'll be expecting what happening next.

12. Do you ever felt that once you finish reading a book, you find it hard to move on from it?
Always but only for somewhile. I can move on to a new book soon. Maybe in few days?

13. Have you ever cried during your reading?
For right now, not yet. I don't have any privacy to cry. I don't want my family to see my with furrowed eyebrows if I cry suddenly. But, sometimes I will tear up. Huhu 😛

14. Why do you think reading has make you happy?
Reading helps me to be into the characters. This is another way for me to run away from my reality. By reading, I could travel, do something new and even married (pft..) Nothing can make me as this happy honestly.

There you go. I'm done with this tag. I would glad if you wanna join too :)

Till then. Wallahualam.
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23 Nov 2016

Study Habits Questionnaire

Study Habits Questionnaire


I actually found this on Mai's blog. Thanks to her for giving me an idea to update. I'm running out of idea, honestly 😂

So, let me share my study habits :)

#What time you start studying and how long?
I always do any revision or study by the evening. As for me, studying at night will never be good. I don't sure why, but my brain will be slower by nights. I also never did any revision by early mornings. I always have the urge to, but I never wake up too early to do so T_T

#Do you stay up all night to study?
I've tried. But I can't. So, NO.

#Any favourite place or port while you study?
No. I can study anywhere I want, but not in front of the television. It will totally distract me from studying though. Same goes to bed. I'll be too lazy once I'm on my bed. My best port is in the kitchen, with a cup of tea and a jar of biscuits so I can eat when I feel bored ><

#Do you listen to music or not?
I love to listen to music. But, not when I'm studying. I'm the type that easily got distracted when studying. So, music will definitely interrupt me and my books, especially when I need to study subjects that need me to memorize things such as Biology.

#Do you start from front page or back page of book?
Front page for sure. Some subjects have chapters that related to each other. So, skipping any chapter won't help any better. Plus, I'm quite slow in understanding. I need to go through one by one and reversing chapters would be really funny 😐

#Do you study all of section or just the important section?
Depends. For Form 4, subjects like Biology and Chemistry only give out the basics about the subjects on the first chapter. So I usually skipped as there's nothing to study about. I also did this for monthly test where there's only a few chapters or sections will be asked. So, only some important and 'popular' sections. But I never done this on my final exams.

#Do you highlight your textbooks?
Nope. High schoolers don't have any right on their textbooks as they will be collected back by the end of the year. So, we're forbidden to highlight our textbooks. But I did highlight my workbooks and reference books. This helps me to understand the important things on a section.

#Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere?
I can do both. But I like making notes more. Books like Sejarah was written in paragraphs but somehow not everything in a paragraph were important. So, notes will help me study better and easier.

#Will you memorize all chapters or not?
Nope. This is somehow bullying my brain. There's tons of facts to memorize and I know my brain can't afford it. So the best thing is to understand the chapters well. Eventhough it needs time, but it was much better. I love this way as I can imagine myself being in those chapters especially subjects like Sejarah. I also won't stuck if I suddenly fotgot the things I memorize.

#What method you have for a smart study?
For subjects that need me to memorize facts or such, I'll use my friends' name to arrange my facts. Things such as 'Aisha Pakai Seluar Terbalik' will make me memorize better. Funny but this is the truth. And of course, without my friend's knowing though. Or I will get kicked on my ass 😆

#How you got your motivation to study?
When my biggest rivals got better results than me, then I'll be totally fumed. I like challenges and I'll do anything to win the challenge that I did purposely. In a good way surely.

#Do you decorate your study table? If do, how?
I don't. I like making things simple but I do love cute stuffs ><

#What most important things you must have on it?
My books, my pencil case, a glass of plain water, my phone and sometimes my laptop.

That's how I study. So, what's yours?

Till then. Wallahualam.
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22 Nov 2016

Dad, A Man Who Ignored

Dad, A Man Who Ignored


I'm just scrolling through my gallery just now and found some photos that I think really heart-touching. Thanks to him who shared them and I was lucky to be one of the viewers. 😊

Here are the pictures.

It goes deep inside my heart, though. To be honest, I'm not really that close to my abah. Abah is somehow creepy. He could be really cold but really funny sometimes. No one among us could guess what is in his heart. And this makes us a bit awkward to even joke around.

However, abah never being harsh. When we did something wrong, he never beat. No rotan, no hitting, no nothing. But still, my siblings and I will be really awkward when we're with him. Me especially. I was the eldest, happened to be the closest one to him in my childhood years. But as time flew, things changed. I almost treated him like a stranger. Even until now.

I just don't know why. I can't be too comfortable with him anymore. It feels strange. Seeing these photos made me realize how cruel I was to him, my own dad. I have to admit. I hate when he nags, I hate when he suddenly raises his voice to anyone of us, I hate when he complains about what we're doing. But, I have to accept the fact that he's our leader. He has the right to speak out when we're doing wrong.

I even have to stop a few times when writing this. Feel like crying 😭. Crap! Haha.

Nowadays, people, girls especially, simply ignored their dad. Putting their 'husband-to-be' as their adored man. Little do they think of how much their dad had sacrificed for them? Seeing this situation always make me in guilt. But I also did the same. Ignoring abah. He must be really sad for this.

I forgot that he was the man. The man who has done the 'iqamah' when I was born. The man who first teaches me how to walk (well, this was what mama told). The man who taught me ABC till I know how to read a newspaper. And the man who willingly die in order to make me happy. I forgot him and I regretted. 

Love you, abah 💓

Don't ignore your dad. Appreciate them when they're still with you. 

Till then. Wallahualam.
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