30 Dec 2016

2017 Wishlists

2017 Wishlists

Assalamualaikum and hi.

To be honest, I've never done anything like this before. It's not like I don't have any dreams or life goals to be achieved. It was just I don't have any guts to list them. After all, I'm not going to achieve any of them. Why should I waste my time? πŸ’¨

However, I got the courage to when I saw some bloggers who done this before. They have the spirit, eventhough some of their dreams weren't fully fulfilled. I'm proud of them for being so brave πŸ’ͺBesides, I've read somewhere before that those who write down their dreams tend to achieve their dream successfully. So why not? πŸ˜‡


I just want to be a better person. I want to be better or even the best in whatever I'm doing. I don't mind if I'm not popular as long as I can do my best and achieve well. I really want them, who always insult me, to know that I can do anything I want and successfully achieve. I really want to get rid of my clumsy side too. 😯


As a student, I can't escape from this one. I'll be sitting for SPM in 2017. So, my short term goal is to pass with flying colours. By then, I know that my future would be brighter. I wish to be one of the lucky students who got scholarships after all ups and downs. After all, I wasn't born with a silver spoon. At least, scholarships will help me to ease my parents' burden. They need to take care my other three siblings though. I can feel their pain. 😑


I want to build more new relationships. Again, not a lovey-dovey one. I'm a really shy person πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ I need pretty much time to start a new relationship with a new person. I'm different here and out, seriously. I hope I will have more courage to spit out my words. I really need to or I'll be in trouble. It's quite a disadvantage of being in the same surroundings for five years, my high school years I mean, but what else can I do. 😢


I want to change my habits. I want to be more diligent by 2017. It's going to be hard, but I'll try. However, my very first to-do list is to throw away my procrastinating habit. This is my biggest problem. I always delayed my homeworks and take the whole night to finish them. This is so bad, really. I always told myself to change, but nothing does change. Great, Amira. I want to focus more on myself too. I mean, my body, skin and everything about me. No more sloppy-ish(?) or such. πŸ™…


My other problem. I hate sports of any kind. Why were sports created? Okay, there's a reason. But seriously, I got no talent in sports. Even badminton. I keep avoiding ball instead of catching them. Why? Is this a kind of phobia? Wait, there's a phobia for this? Whatever. I just hope I can at least do better and raise a 'wow' or 'woah' from my friends. However, I hope I wouldn't be selected as the scout leader for the marching team. It will be more sick. πŸ˜”


I wish I could write more useful posts to be read. I don't mind if I don't gain much followers. Just a few loyal readers could help. I really love them who always leave comments every time I posted. You know who you are. Thank you so much πŸ˜— I want to communicate more often with my blogger friends, even when I don't have much time.


This is not my most important goals, but somehow there's always a need to have something as a human being I am. Actually, I'm craving for a brand new smartphone or a camera. My current phone doesn't really have a good resolution. It's not for self purpose. I use camera for schoolworks. I need to send a picture for my Addmaths assignment every week and having a bad camera wasn't helping 😣 I want a new collection of clothes too. Know what, I keep wearing the same outfit since the lack of collection. Wait no. It's just I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. 😁

That's my 2017 goals. I made them generally. I don't really want to be specific. I might cringe in tears when I stumble upon this post by the end of the year. So, just that πŸ’¦

How about you? What's your upcoming goals? What will you do to achieve your goals? πŸ˜‰

Till then πŸ’‹
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29 Dec 2016

What's in My 2016

What's in My 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi

2016 will end soon. I would say that this year was another amazing year for me. There were ups and downs but they were some tests from Allah. I've accepted them though 😊. There were lots of things happened in 2016. Actually, I don't remember all of them, but I would try to describe some.


Studying in form 4 was quite challenging 😴. I began to know what were my abilities, disabilities, passions and such. Learning new subjects have been the worst experience ever. I need to really adapt or I will lose. However, I managed to go throughout the year efficiently. Thanks for them who help. Overall, studying in form 4 was a real struggle. Really 😑


This is not the lovey-dovey relationship though πŸ˜‚. It's the relationship between me and my friends. I gained new friends and lost some friends this year since we're in a brand new class according to our PT3's results. It sucked at first as I'm not good at making friends. Luckily, my classmates were so nice and friendly which I began to make friend with them quickly. We have more Chinese and Indian friends this year too. They helped us to learn some new bad words. Uhuks 😎

The relationship between me and my girl friends were getting better too. We're supposed to be six, but one of us transferred to another school. This was my least favourite part πŸ˜‘. It has been a while since we met though. Know what, being only five of us were miserable. Pity the one who always being alone honestly. However, this made the five of us closer 😍


We're girls and there's always a need to be pretty. However, that was a choice. I'm a bit upset about a tradition in my school 😑. Those who are prettier will get tons of attention more than those who are smarter. That was totally unfair. Why would they judge us by appearance? Poor us who aren't beautiful. Know what? This tradition made one of us changed a bit. She really wants to be beautiful and she did. But her studies were going down. That's what I hate about this. Leave it πŸ˜’


Alhamdulillah, my saving habit has improved this year 😏. I'm worst in saving, you know. My money will be spent for the useless things especially foods. However, I managed to control myself this year. I can proudly clap for myself now πŸ‘πŸ’¦


I've started to blog again this year. This was another improvement for me. I've created tons of blogs before, but none of them managed seriously. Poor them and poor myself. I hope Miraleecious would be a permanent blog though. Because what, I'm in love with this blog a lot πŸ’˜


There's a lot of embarrassing incidents happened to me this entire year. Being the clumsy me, I'll always slip when climbing the stairs or walking by the corridor πŸ˜‚

There's a day when my friend, Sarah and I were waiting for our parents at the school gate. She warned me already though, 'Hang tolong jangan terkangkang kat sini.' Know what, I slipped 😣. Infront of one of the most popular boys in school! He tried to help me, but what else I can do other than blushed like crazy? I hope I can delete the scene from his mind. He's my senior anyway, so I won't meet him anymore in 2017. Lucky me. However, since the incident, he would always send me a smile when he saw me. Just a sincere one, but I'm so done. I hate him but I hate myself more 😬😭

That's what my 2016 was. There are always ups and downs. How about you? How was your 2016?

Till then πŸ’‹
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24 Dec 2016

Me in Ten Years to Come

Me in Ten Years to Come

Assalamualaikum and hi

I've been thinking about this for quite a while. 2017 is just around the corner and this mean I'll be sitting for SPM in no time. Perhaps in eleven months to come. Eleven months aren't too long, honestly. I need to be prepared or I'll be a dead meat. I don't want to disappoint my parents. πŸ’”

What I want to do after my SPM? I don't want to die slowly on my bed or infront of the television. It will be worthless. Honestly, until right now, the moment I'm writing this post, I don't have any spesific ambition. I don't know what I really want to be. A doctor? A teacher? Or what? 😩

I've been seeking for an answer everywhere. Websites, teachers and parents. The only answer I got was 'follow your dreams'. But I don't really sure what was my dream. What's wrong with me actually?

I envy those who already planned their future. Who studies hard on certain fields in order to achieve their dream. I want to be like them. I really want to. I've asked my mom. She always knows what is the best for me.  Frankly saying, she wants me to be like her. A pharmacist. Ah, that was one of my dreams too. I always have an interest in this field. But, well, let's see what my results would be. My dad wants me to be a teacher. He said I have the qualities. What qualities, abah? I'm fierce and impatient. I don't want to be charged for abusing the students. πŸ˜‚

As for me, I have a lot of dreams.

I want to be a pharmacist, like I stated before. Pharmacists are cool and got a big responsibility. I love challenges, honestly. But, to be a pharmacist, I must be really good in my Science subjects. God knows how I struggle to pass these subjects, seriously. 😴

I also want to have my own brand, in whatever field. Fashion or food or name it yourself. I want to be well-known. Like what Vivy Yusof, the owner of Proudduck.com is having right now. She was really an inspiration. A happy living. πŸ’“

What else. Oh, I want to be a graphic designer too. That's what I love the most, designing. Eventhough I'm not too creative, but I can always try, no? Well, I think I can. πŸ˜€

I love to write too. Maybe being a novelist won't be a bad idea, but creativities and ideas are everything. Not every single second you'll gain ideas. What if your writing isn't accepted well too? Oh my, there's too much of obstacles. Can I face the risk? Maybe yes, maybe no. πŸ˜”

Someone has said before, you can do anything but the fun will only there for the things that you do with love. I agreed with this. You can't stand doing things that were not your passion.

So, what will I be in ten years to come? I hope I'll still here to talk about it. Stay tuned. πŸ˜‹

Till then πŸ’‹
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18 Dec 2016

Bigbang MADE

bigbang MADE

Assalamualaikum and hi

Before I continue, I would like to remind that this gonna be a Kpop-related post. 😁

Okay, who still don't know about MADE? You must be kidding me 😐. It had passed a week or less, I guess. I would really love to give Bigbang round of applause for this album. Know what, this is their best album for me. Why? Because I love every single song in this album πŸ’—. Nothing left behind.

Here goes the list of the song.

- Fxxk It
- Last Dance
- Girlfriend
- Let's Not Fall In Love
- Loser
- Bae Bae
- Bang Bang Bang
- Sober
- If You
- Zutter (GD & T.O.P)
- We Like 2 Party

The latest releases was Fxxk It, Last Dance and Girlfriend. The rest of the songs had been released before. Oh yes, each one of them got their own MVs too! What else do you want, VIPs? 😍

If you're a soft type person, I recommend you to listen to Last Dance, Let's Not Fall In Love, If You and We Like 2 Party (sort of) If you're other way around, do listen to the ones that I didn't mention. You will have no regret, honestly. 😊

GD took part in every songs' lyrics. He's just amazing. I'm really proud of him. If only T.O.P didn't catch my attention first. Auch. Please hate me. And yes, this suddenly reminds me of Heechul's quote.

Don't call yourself as a fan if you don't like every member of a band

He was right though. Why did you love a band if you hate one or two of the members?

I must say that I can't really ignore one of the songs. I listen to them almost every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. I don't get bored anyway. They're just amazing. I have to admit that I'm not a hardcore fan of Bigbang neither one of the members. But somehow, I did listen to their songs. Before MADE was released, I love to hear to Blue and Bad Boy. Now, my favourite playlist of them has increased! πŸ˜†

I'm so lucky that I have friends with different fandoms. I got instant updates almost every single day. One VIP, One iGot7 (this is me), two Exo-L and the rest of them were Armies. We talked and exchanged our opinions about our fandoms. We did argue sometimes, but not much. A little bit teasing and insulting. No offense. πŸ™ˆ

I have to admit again that I'm actually multifandom. I listen to different Kpop songs and go crazy over them. I've said I love to listen to music. So, any interesting songs will automatically on my playlists. So, you might say that I have no fandom too. How pathetic I am. However, Im Jaebum was mine. Take note. πŸ˜›

Back to MADE.

I don't know how to express my excitement. This was too overwhelming. Just how many VIPs had died because of this?  Rest in peace, guys. Enjoy yourself before you have to grab a box of tissue as soon as the members going to perform their military services. Sorry no sorry. πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦

Nahh, here goes some preview of the two newest MVs

Sorry for the bad quality

By the way, I didn't mention my most favourite song for this album. I'd just mentioned them generally. So, can you guess my favourite song? 😏

So, how many of you are VIPs? Share your thoughts.

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹

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11 Dec 2016

Craving for My Old Self

craving for my old self

Assalamualaikum and hi

Time flew and it's already the eleventh day of December now. We might or might not notice it. I still can't believe the fact that I'm growing old every single second. This scared me like hell. I always want to be better but never take any action to change myself. Honestly, I missed my old self. The one who always gets inspired, never say no to study and always hold a pencil to write. I'm no longer that same person. I've changed. Even not drastically, but still I've changed.

I'll sit for my SPM by next year. I must say that I have no more time to goof around like a kid. But this is what I'm still doing until now. It was just me and it was too hard to change. Somehow, I think my old self (which was me when I was twelve or less) was much better. Matured and serious and never think of a way to leave my books. I really wish that 'me' will come back! 😭

I have to admit. Back then, there's no such technologies such as a smartphone or laptop in my life. I do have them but I don't use them frequently, like what I'm doing now. Like I've said before, my life back then was full of books, books and more books. I rarely enjoyed myself, alone or with my friends. But now things changed. It was like I'm too enjoying my life without thinking about the pros and cons. Now, I'm trying to keep away things that distract me and spending more time with my books. It's been hard though, honestly. But I'm trying. πŸ’ͺ

Me, in my primary school ages was much different from now. Back then, I don't know how to jokes around or put a prank on my friends. I really took care of my friends, mentally and physically. I don't want them to get hurt because of me or I'll be depressed for making them feel bad. I'm putting my best efforts to make them happy with me. I don't want to lose them in any matter. But now, friends were like a toy. Either me hurting or they hurt me, nobody would care. They come and they go.

I'm a real nerd back then. Books and books. Nothing else. I'm a nerd and be friend with those nerds, perfect living. There's no such thing like 'let's watch a movie tonight' or 'hey, wanna hang out with us at a restaurant later?'. Definitely no. We come to school, study and go home. Ah, we did some study groups too. So lame, isn't it? πŸ˜‚ Study and books and the routine continue till we'll be sitting for our UPSR. Alhamdulillah, all of us achieved well. I mean, me and my nerdy friends, the ones who go to school, study and go home. But now, they've changed too. Some got their boyfriends and some were in love with beauty products. Yes, at the age of 16.

I really hope I'll be my old self. Even if I have to do it without my nerd friends. I want to improve myself. I want to impress my parents or perhaps my whole big family, like what I did back then in 2012 with my UPSR results. This time, I want to rock with my SPM results. Hoping that it will be much better. I did well in my PT3 last year but I don't feel any satisfaction. Maybe because I don't have all A's in my result? Ahaha. I'm a paranoid. Pathetic. πŸ˜ͺ

For this upcoming SPM, I hope to achieve at least, yes at least 6 A's. I don't put too much hope on those science subjects which were Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Add Maths. I'm too afraid that I might not do well. So, those basic subjects hopefully could help. I'm not a genius and never want to be but at least I'm trying. It was for them who want to see my achievements and for myself too. Well, who doesn't want to get a foundation after all, no? It could help to ease my parents too, aight? 😁

So, I just want to conclude that I've changed now and I want to change to my old self back. I really wish this, seriously. I don't care what people going to say. Nerd or what. As long as I'm happy with myself. I need encouragement. Will you help me? I would gladly accept your helping hands. 😍

I think this is long enough πŸ˜‚

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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10 Dec 2016

2017 Bloglist SA-VIORS

2017 Bloglist SA-VIORS

Assalamualaikum and hi

Click banner to join

End : 30 Dec 2016
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7 Dec 2016

100 Things to Be Thankful For

100 Things to Be Thankful For

Assalamualaikum and hi

I was scrolling on Bloglovin' few days ago and found this post and I think it would be great to do my version. You can read the original version here anyway. 

Let's get started 😊

100 Things to Be Thankful For

  1. Life
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Mom's nags - we won't know when it will stop
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Laughs
  7. Cries
  8. Hard times
  9. Good times
  10. Books
  11. A good sleep
  12. Imperfection
  13. Disability - this make me always want to improve myself
  14. Health
  15. Foods - especially mom's cook
  16. Television shows - so I won't get bored
  17. Songs that I listen to
  18. Memories that I shared with my family and friends - they were too precious
  19. Memories that I shared with strangers
  20. Home
  21. Bed
  22. Teachers
  23. Bias - I don't know but they made me feel good
  24. Fresh air
  25. Childhood things
  26. Every single smiles
  27. Mistakes - they help me to be better person in future
  28. Spending times with my love ones
  29. Teachers
  30. Freedom
  31. Internets
  32. Gadgets - especially my phone and laptop
  33. My pasts - help me to be more matured
  34. Art 
  35. Alone time - not every second should be spend with people, no?
  36. Warm hugs - for and from them who I loved so much
  37. Education
  38. Ability to help others
  39. Long and refreshing bath
  40. Favourite clothes
  41. Favourite days
  42. Favourite foods
  43. Favourite drinks
  44. Favourite blogs 
  45. Favourite colours
  46. Favourite things
  47. Rainbows
  48. Siblings' fights - our bonds are much stronger by days
  49. Blissful mornings
  50. Things I dislikes 
  51. Oxygen
  52. Science - they are wonderful
  53. Dad's death glare - it reminds me that I did mistakes
  54. Holidays
  55. Seasons 
  56. Rainy days
  57. The Sun
  58. A peaceful living
  59. Comedies - which often make me laugh out loud
  60. Vacation
  61. News
  62. Messages from family and friends - so we can always keep in touch
  63. Videos
  64. Supermarkets
  65. Outdoor and indoor games
  66. Camera
  67. Idols who inspired me
  68. Dinners with family
  69. Change
  70. Selfless people
  71. Generosity
  72. Babies - they are so freaking cute
  73. Partner 
  74. Weekends
  75. Birds chirping
  76. Origami - they're unique
  77. Birthday wishes
  78. They who make me smile
  79. Electricity
  80. Sweets and candy
  81. Junk foods
  82. Exercises
  83. Creepy strangers - they taught me to be more careful
  84. Poems - they're meaningful
  85. Pickup lines - they also help me to smile
  86. School
  87. Friends' lame jokes
  88. Warm blanket
  89. Bad habits 
  90. Good habits
  91. Crowd
  92. Self-confidence
  93. Self-respect
  94. Cozy places
  95. Special days
  96. Surprises
  97. Sadness
  98. Happiness
  99. Clumsiness
  100. You

Here were my 100 things to be thankful for. How about you? Don't you have anything to be thankful for? If yes, why don't you make your own post and share them to others? 

And yes, I'm serious when I said you're one of the things to be thankful for. I love you guys for being here and spending your precious time reading my posts πŸ˜‰

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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5 Dec 2016

It's Gegar Vaganza Fever

It's Gegar Vaganza Fever

Assalamualaikum and hi

Did you watch the final stage of Gegar Vaganza (GV) last night? It was so cool! Yes, I know. Some of you will scrunch your nose, thinking how I managed to watch this kind of program, no? Thanks to my mama for this.

Mama is a hardcore fan of GV since the first season. Nahh, back then, I'm not so into this program. I rather sleep than watching this. However, since last year, I've started to watch GV. It was because Amir Ukays joined it though. I'm his big fan 😁

And I thought I was the only one among my friends who watch GV. But no. My friends were hardcore fans of GV too!

Let me prove it 

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

It's Gegar Vaganza FeverIt's Gegar Vaganza Fever

See what I mean? They aren't just watching. They go crazy over it! I was totally surprised at first, to be honest. πŸ˜‚

The contestants' performances were totally amazing. Each one of them. I'll might get a severe headache if I was one of the judges, honestly. You should see how they performed. Anyway, for those who didn't watch, here is the list of the winners.

#1 - Azharina
#2 - Siti Sarah
#3 - Zarul
#4 - Ameng
#5 - Intan Sarafina
#6 - Gmie

Congratulations to all of them. It was not easy to be on final stage. And, I've already bet that Azharina would be the winner. She got a really amazing voice. I'm stunned with her since the first episode.

Anyway, I didn't even mention who was my favourite singer for this season of GV. How about if I let you guys to guess it? Can you guess who was that person? Do tell me in the comment section. πŸ˜‰

So, anyone who is watching it, how was your feeling? Was it good? I would like to hear from you too.

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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4 Dec 2016

The Worst And Most Horrific Things I’ve Ever Accidentally Done To A Book

The Worst And Most Horrific Things I’ve Ever Accidentally Done To A Book

Assalamualaikum and hi

Books have been a part of my life since forever. Reading makes me feel wonderful. Thus, the books that I read must surely be taken care well. I treat my books like they're my queens and won't ever think to even bend them. 

However, sometimes accidents may occur and my books might damage because of my own fault. This totally spoiled my mood. I'll maybe cry my heart out. After all, they are my books and I really take care of them. I hate myself for being clumsy and careless.

I've dropped my book in a drain

This happened several times, in school especially. I was holding too many of books till I can see nothing in front. And then, one of the books slipped and directly went into the drain. God, if it was my home's drain, I would never really mind. It was school drain and school drain was too much for my books 😭

I broke the spine

This is one of the worst. I promised myself not to break the spine, but I broke my own promise. I did it with or without purpose. Thanks for being lazy enough. I've regretted but always repeat the same mistake. I hate breaking spine, but I always did them 😩

I've torn pages

I even did this on my textbook and became panic like hell. Textbooks aren't mine, so it was a must to take really good care of them. However, because of my clumsiness, I accidentally tore a page or few from turning them too fast. I was like 'Good Amira, really good' while knocking my head repeatedly

I've spilt food on book pages

I did this once and will never do this again. I was too hungry, but too eager to stop reading, which makes me eat some foods while reading. And damn, the food spilt. I did curse, seriously. Will never ever forgive myself for being too eager.

I've stuffed too many books in a bag and bent covers

This always happens to my school books. There's too many books to be stuffed in my tiny school bag and apparently, the covers bent. I'm so glad of this -_- Feel like ironing the covers so it would be like before. Or maybe I should bring a travel bag to school.

I've folded the pages

This is a normal thing actually. But for me, folded pages aren't nice and might make my books cacat. I really hate this and rather use a bookmark then folding the pages. So, I would admit that I have quite a number of bookmarks, handmade or what.

There you go. I'm always being a paranoid when it comes to books. Anyone who face the same problem?

So, what was the worst thing you ever done to your book? Why don't you share them to me? I would really love to know. πŸ˜€

Till then. Wallahualam  πŸ’‹
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Assalamualaikum and hi

I stumbled upon three blogs that already done this tag. Originally by Liyana.You can visit hers. It was a fun tag to do and I was extremely excited πŸ˜† 

Enjoy your Sunday with this TMIT, guys!

Q1 : What are you wearing?
A long-sleeved shirt and a tracksuit. Almost the same outfit every single day to be honest. Well, they're comfy.

Q2 : Ever been in love?
Yes. But it was one-sided love. So pathetic.

Q3 : Ever had a terrible breakup?
If it was about friendship breakup, yes. πŸ’”

Q4 : How tall are you?
The most sensitive question. I'm only 150cm

Q5 : How much do you weight?
Again, so sensitive πŸ˜‚ I'm 45kg

Q6 : Any tattoos?
Definitely, no.

Q7 : Any piercings?
I got ears piercing when I was 6 until now.

Q8 : OTP?
I like Monday Couple (Song Jihyo and Kang Gary) a lot. But I do stan Nichkhun and Victoria of WGM

Q9: Favourite show?
Running Man!

Q10 : Favourite bands?
Got7, Super Junior and One Direction (to list some)

Q11 : Something you miss?
My previous phone that was already broken.

Q12 : Favourite song?
This is too hard. I can't even name one. Okay, to pick one, I would choose My Home by Got7

Q13 : How old are you?
16 years 2 months 2 days old (just where is the blackmoon emoji?!)

Q14 : Zodiac sign?

Q15 : Quality you look for in a partner?
Serious and hardworking, honest, truthful and loyal. I don't mind if he's not romantic.

Q16 : Favourite quote
Keep moving forward - Unknown
This is an inspiration to help me keep myself on track towards success.

Q17 : Favourite actor
Beto Kusyairy, Nazim Othman, Park Bogum, Gong Yoo and Lee Minho!

Q18 : Favourite colour?
Blue, black, white and sometimes red.

Q19 : Loud music or soft?
As long as it suits my taste, I'll never complain.

Q20 : Where do you go when you're sad?
My room and recite Al-Quran. If  it was too bad, I'll sleep for a while.

Q21 : How long does it take you to shower?
15 minutes or less. Depends on my mood πŸ˜‚

Q22 : How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I'm not taking too much of time. I don't wear makeup or such. So, it will only take around 20 minutes or less.

Q23 : Ever been in a physical fight?
Of course not. I'm a scaredy-cat and also a crybaby

Q24 : Turn on's?
Cleanliness, politeness, kindness, and surprises!

Q25 : Turn offs?
Them who smoked and crowded places.

Q26 : The reason I joined Blogger?
I love to write. But instead of writing in a diary or what, I prefer typing. So, here I am in blogger platform 😊

Q27 : Fears?
Losing family and friends, horror movies and also presentations 😁

Q28 : Last thing that made you cry?
My brother accidently hit my nose with his head and I was like, 'I'm dying' and sobbing sadly a few days ago. It's hurt like hell.

Q29 : Last time you said you loved someone?
On my mom's birthday. It's quite awhile now, wuu.

Q30 : Meaning behind your blog URL?
Nothing special. Mira is my name and leecious is just as an addition.

Q31 : Last book you read? 
A Malay novel. Sebab Saya Suka Dia.

Q32 : The book you're currently reading?
I'm not reading any books yet.

Q33 : Last show you watch?
Running Man ep. 316 (I'm repeating them for the third time because of Got7)

Q34 : Last person you talked to?
My mom. To ask where was my food πŸ˜‚

Q35 : The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My friend. We're talking about our homeworks.

Q36 : Favourite food?
Ugh, this is the hardest! I would pick chicken, of any kind.

Q37 : Place you want to visit? 
Every place on earth. But first, I want to visit Mecca to perform Haj 

Q38 : Last place you were?
My grandparents' house. Spending my holidays there.

Q39 : Do you have a crush? 
If celebrity included, I would say Im Jaebum. But in reality life, I don't have any. Maybe because I always stick to Mr. Im 😁

Q40 : Last time you kissed someone?
 A few minutes ago. It was my brother. He was sleeping and I took my opportunity.

Q41 : Last time you were insulted?
I got insulted almost everyday by my friends. But in a joking manner. I rarely got insulted seriously.

Q42 : Favourite flavour of sweet?
I don't really love sweet.

Q43 : What instruments do you play?
I learnt to play piano when I was 10 but as soon as I started my high school years, I've stopped. I don't know why.

Q44 : Favourite piece of jewelry? 
I'm not having any interest on jewelry. But if I had to choose, I'll pick a ring!

Q45 : Last sport you played?
Hide and seek. With my younger siblings. It's really tiring though 😧 Wait. Does this count as a sport activity?

Q46 : Last song you sang?
Twice TT in my own version πŸ˜‚

Q47 : Favourite chat up line?
I don't know. I don't have any feel about it.

Q48 : Have you ever used it?
No. Never. 

Q49 : Last time you hung out with someone? 
On my last day of school. I hung out with my friends. Well, it was quite awhile now.

Q50 : Who should answer these questions next?
If you're reading this, then you're the next one!

Okay, that's it! I'll really appreciated it if you read every single question. Again, I tag everyone who have done reading this. It doesn't matter if you want to answer them in English or Malay. It was fun to do this. I would love to read yours anyway πŸ˜‰

Do leave your link to ease me to read yours, okay? And you're more than free to ask me any questions. I would gladly answer you.

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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1 Dec 2016

My Current Playlists | November

My Current Playlists | November

Assalamualaikum and hi

Time flies and it's already December, the last month of the year, guys! Feels like I had just run this blog a few days ago. It'll be my second-month anniversary by tomorrow 😁

Anyway, I've already made an October version of this before. You can gladly click here to read that post. Today, I'm gonna make another one, November version. I bet you know now what is my habit. I don't stick to one song forever. And I think you're just the same, right?

So, my current playlists in November were ;

#1 Twice TT
I've been into Twice since their debut days. Their songs are so catchy and easy-listening. They're also different from other girls group. Not much sexy dances or such and I'm already in love with them. TT is a cute song to listen to. My little brother had already sung this song. It's just really nice. 

My rating : ★★★★☆

#2 Halo Mariya
This song had been released in September but I've just found it. Halo is a good group too. I wonder why they aren't really popular. They have good songs, good choreography and good-looking too. Maybe, it's not their time yet. Anyway, Mariya is a nice song. Eventhough it's quite loud, it was good. I love Heecheon's strong voice, like always.

My rating : ★★★★☆

#3 Got7 Mayday
Mayday is one of their songs in the album. This is a recommendation to those who love slow songs. This song showed each members' strong vocal, especially Yugyeom's. Eventhough the chorus is a bit loud, it was still nice or maybe you should just listen to Nice πŸ˜‚

My rating : ★★★☆☆

#4 Ayda Jebat Bawaku Berkelana
This is actually the soundtrack for Disney's Moana in Malay version (I guess?) I've been listening to this over and over but never get bored actually. Ayda's voice was damn good and cute. Suits the song so much. It's a bit short anyway 😴

My rating : ★★★☆☆

#5 Shawn Mendes Imagination
This is not Shawn's current song. But I like this song so much. His voice was soothing. And the song itself was like a mirror to myself, my version obviously. You should listen to this if you have a crush 😝 And this song suits them who love ballads a lot.

My rating : ★★★★☆

So, these are my current playlists for November. Maybe or maybe not, this will change by the end of December. Who knows, right?

What is your current playlists? Why not you share them to me? I would really love to know πŸ˜‰

Till then.Wallahualam πŸ’‹

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30 Nov 2016

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

Assalamualaikum and hi 

Bloggers nowadays tend to use free or purchased template for their blogs. Templates could easily be found in webs though. Somehow, templates are really clean and neat. I admitted that those nice templates are really attractive. But, some of us rather to design our own template, in order to make it different from the others, and also as a sign that they're creative enough to build their own site. 

As said, available templates are really nice and featuring good stuffs in them that somehow help their users to gain more followers, traffics, incomes and such. One of the best features available in a template was the Pin It pinterest button. I don't know what is your opinion, but for me, pinterest button helps your blog to grow wider. Interested?

Let's see how a pinterest button could works efficiently in your blog πŸ˜€  I've tried and it's working. Hover over any images in my posts and you'll see a cute pinterest button would appear, aight?


1. From your Blogger Dashboard, go to the Template section. 

2. Then,press that Edit HTML button. This is where all your confusing codes were put, right?

Tutorial | Pin It Pinterest Button for Blogger Images

3. Click anywhere inside the code area and press Ctrl + F simultaneously. In the Search box, type </body> and hit Enter.

4. Once you found the code, put these codes ABOVE it.

var custom_pinit_button = "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3CPCJ031n9M/U_vWZXUV1SI/AAAAAAAAKPA/8Q3N34ieaBw/s1600/pinit-button.png";
var pinit_button_position = "center";
var pinit_button_before = "";
var pinit_button_after = "";
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script id='pinit-img-button' type='text/javascript'>
// Visit helplogger.blogspot.com for more widgets and tricks.
eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--)r[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c);k=[function(e){return r[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--)if(k[c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('1i(1j).1k(r($){$(\'M\').1l(\'<6 p="4:D;" N="A" O="\'+13+\'" >\');$(\'#7-6-P\').1m();3 l;3 m;3 n;$(\'.A\').1n(r(){m=$(\'.A\').E(F);n=$(\'.A\').G(F);$(\'.A\').1o()});3 o=$(\'#7-6-P\').1p().1q("1r.1s.14");o!=-1&&15();r 15(){$(\'.s-16 6,.H-M 6,.s-17 6\').1t(\'.18,.18 6\').1u(r(){$(\'.7-4\').t("4","D");19(l);3 a=$(q);3 b=1a(a.t("Q-u"));3 c=1a(a.t("Q-v"));3 d;3 e;1v(1w){B\'1x\':d=a.9().u+a.G(F)/2-n/2;e=a.9().v+a.E(F)/2-m/2;C;B\'1y\':d=a.9().u+b+5;e=a.9().v+c+a.E()-m-5;C;B\'1z\':d=a.9().u+b+5;e=a.9().v+c+5;C;B\'1A\':d=a.9().u+b+a.G()-n-5;e=a.9().v+c+a.E()-m-5;C;B\'1B\':d=a.9().u+b+a.G()-n-5;e=a.9().v+c+5;C}3 f=a.1C(\'O\');3 g=a.1D(\'.H,.1E,.s\').R(\'.H-S,.s-S,.s-1F\');3 h=g.1G();w(T U===\'V\'){U=\'\'}w(T W===\'V\'){W=\'\'}w(g.R(\'a\').1H){X=g.R(\'a\').I(\'Y\').1b(/\\#.+\\b/1c,"")}Z{X=$(1I).I(\'Y\').1b(/\\#.+\\b/1c,"")}3 i=\'<1d N="7-4" p="1e:x;9: 1J;z-1K: 1L;" ><a Y="1M://1N.14/1O/1P/P/?1Q=\'+X+\'&1R=\'+f+\'&1S=\'+U+h+W+\'" p="1e:1T;1U:x;" 1V="1W"><6 N="1X" p="-1Y-J-K:x;-1Z-J-K:x;-o-J-K:x;J-K:x;10: 0.8;20:21;Q: 0;22: 0;23:0;" O="\'+13+\'" S="24 1f 25" ></a></1d>\';3 j=a.11().26(\'a\')?a.11():a;w(!j.y().27(\'7-4\')){j.28(i);w(T l===\'V\'){j.y(\'.7-4\').I("1g","q.p.10=1;q.p.4=\'12\'")}Z{j.y(\'.7-4\').I("1g","q.p.10=1;q.p.4=\'12\';19(29)")}}3 k=j.y(".7-4");k.t({"u":d,"v":e});k.t("4","12");k.L().1h(2a,1.0,r(){$(q).2b()})});$(\'.s-16 6,.H-M 6,.s-17 6\').1f(\'2c\',r(){w($.2d.2e){3 a=$(q).y(\'.7-4\');3 b=$(q).11(\'a\').y(\'.7-4\');l=2f(r(){a.L().t("4","D");b.L().t("4","D")},2g)}Z{$(\'.7-4\').L().1h(0,0.0)}})}});',62,141,'|||var|visibility||img|pinit||position||||||||||||||||style|this|function|entry|css|top|left|if|none|next||loadpinitbutton|case|break|hidden|outerWidth|true|outerHeight|post|attr|box|shadow|stop|body|class|src|button|margin|find|title|typeof|pinit_button_before|undefined|pinit_button_after|pinitURL|href|else|opacity|parent|visible|custom_pinit_button|com|hoverCheck|content|summary|nopin|clearTimeout|parseInt|replace|gi|div|display|on|onmouseover|fadeTo|jQuery|document|ready|append|hide|load|remove|html|indexOf|helplogger|blogspot|not|mouseenter|switch|pinit_button_position|center|topright|topleft|bottomright|bottomleft|prop|closest|hentry|header|text|length|location|absolute|index|9999|http|pinterest|pin|create|url|media|description|block|outline|target|_blank|pinimg|moz|webkit|background|transparent|padding|border|Pin|Pinterest|is|hasClass|after|pinitOnHover|300|show|mouseleave|browser|msie|setTimeout|3000'.split('|'),0,{}))

Notes :

- Replace words in red with your own pinterest button if you have one.
- Replace words in purple to change the position of your pinterest button ( topleft / topright / bottomleft / bottomright )

5. Save template!

Isn't easy? Try it on your blog to make it cooler! However, make sure to backup your template first so that you won't have much trouble if this code doesn't works on your blog.

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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27 Nov 2016

15 Things You Don't Know About Me

15 Things You Don't Know About Me

Assalamualaikum and hi

I stumbled upon Fatin's and Liyana's blog and found this. This kind of post always crossed in my mind actually. But, I'm too lazy to do anything that time, so yeah, why not now, no?

Actually, I think I've already told almost everything about myself on my About page. But, it would be good if I share some more. Especially for those who never open my About page πŸ˜›

Let's go!

1. I'm sixteen, but nobody would expect this as I'm petite and my younger sister was much taller than me. Sometimes, this is really offensive, but I'm glad I look younger actually :P

2. I love English more than Bahasa. But I never have the guts to speak English as my pronunciation was bad.

3. I love to eat but I hate to cook. Forgive me, mom! 😢

4. I'm really secretive. I rarely share my personal problems to people even to my mom. But she was the best in predicting me. She always know when I was having problems.

5. I'm really clingy. Less self-confidence makes me can't be apart with my friends. When I'm being alone, there's a feeling that someone, no matter they're good or bad, is watching me like I'm doing something really bad to them.

6. I love watching people dancing. I was lucky that my Chinese classmates were really good in dancing. They always amazed me with their cute dance.

7. I'm really choosy when it's come to a man. My friends never introduce their boyfriends to me as I always said they're not handsome at all πŸ˜‚

8. I have the habit to blink my eyes rapidly when talking with people. This sometimes makes people misunderstand. They thought I didn't understand what they're talking about.

9. I love to drink plain water. Juices can't quench my thirst quickly.

10. I have a strong heart and rarely cry. But when I burst in tears, I can't stop easily.

11. Back then, I love when my hair was short. But now, I love when my hair was long and never want to cut them off.

12. I have the most confidence in my smile and my eyebrows. πŸ˜†

13. I have a habit to scratch my neck when I'm nervous.

14. I'm really forgetful. I can't even remember what I'm talking about for the past 10 minutes.

15. People kept saying I'm matured. But I never think so. I'm so childish around my family and friends.

Now, I think you know many things about me already. Why not sharing yours? I would glad to know you better πŸ˜—

Till then. Wallahualam πŸ’‹
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26 Nov 2016

My Blog References and Resources

My Blog References and Resources

Assalamualaikum and hi

So, I was editing my blog for the few times and I hope it would stick like this a bit longer. Hating myself from getting bored of the same look easily. Everyone now can sigh in relief as I'll stop editing now. However, this will only last a few days, I guess. So, here, I'm willingly would love to share what and where I usually go to edit my blog. Plus, this actually could be useful for myself too, where I can easily get back here to find any of my references.

So, My Blog References and Resources would be ;

#1 Wanaseoby [link]

If you're only editing basic things like navbar, blockquote or special hover, you could eventually visit this blog. Her tutorials were awesome and easy to understand for those who are 'loading tahap tenuk' like me. 

#2 Helplogger [link]

I really love the tutorials here. All of the tutorials provided worked magnificently. This is a blog to visit if you want to go further in editing your blog. I've learnt how to do more complicated things like related post widgets, read more options and that Pin It button here.

#3 Xomisse [link]

This blog's tutorials are much more complicated. I won't recommend this for those beginners. I rarely use the blog's tutorials as I myself easily got confused too. However, the tutorials were outstanding and hard to find. Have a look!

#4 AzreenSofia [link]

She wasn't providing any tutorials. But she's the one who gives me lots of ideas to update posts when I'm having a writer's block. You would totally in love with her blog and herself once you stepped into her blog just like I do πŸ’—

#5 GoogleFonts [link]

The reason why I like this site is because they're providing various types of fonts without having me to download any of them. This is so easy and handy as I really hate to download fonts that are surely won't be used regularly. It will be a waste. Google Fonts helps you to add fonts by only copying their provided link. So easy!

#6 StockSnap.io [link]

Here is where I got stock photos. The pictures provided were stunning and high quality. This will help you with good photos in your posts. Have a visit and you'll have a headache of choosing a photo ><

#7 SouthernSpeakers [link]

Here's another tutorial blog. But this will suit them who are using a dynamic view template more. A lot of tutorials for that particular template. However, there's tutorials for other templates too!

#8 WHSR [link]

If you're unaware of your blogging skills, you could quickly visit this blog. They're providing tips and tricks to help beginners to improve their blogs and their writing skills. There's also cute freebies here 😁

#9 Lyssa [link]

Nahh, who doesn't know her? She's a cute blogger with cute writing style and cute tutorials to be done. Other than referring to her tutorials, I also made her as one of my biggest inspirations. How about you?

#10 ErinAzmir [link]

She's my another inspiration. There's tons of things she taught about blogging things. I'm sure anyone who visit will love her writing.

So, they are my references and resources. How about yours? Do you have any blogs that you refer to? Why not sharing them with me? I would glad to know πŸ˜€

Till then. Wallahualam. πŸ’‹
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25 Nov 2016

Cheer Me Up Book Tag

Cheer Me Up Book Tag


This tag is originally created by Fatina but I found this on Siqah's blog. Thanks for both of them for giving me an idea to update. Oh my, I got nothing to update recently. Someone help me 😒

So, let's terjah :P

1. Your current reading

Don't judge me. I have nothing to read so I grab one from my sister's collection. Just, why not? πŸ˜‚

2. Suggest one of your favourite book.
Hard to choose actually. But I rather choose My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. I still can't move on from this book ><

3. What genre do you like to read?
Young adult. Horror. Thriller. Actually I can read anything as long as it suits my taste 

4. How many books do you read in a month?
Around 3 to 5 books. But it also depends on my mood actually.

5. Where do you usually purchase books?
Any nearby bookstores. And also booksales. So heaven!

6. Have you ever fall to sleep when reading because you find out, its tedious?
No. I don't want to ruin my books. They are my life πŸ’–

7. Which one do you prefer, standalone or trilogy/series?
Both are okay. But I would rather choose a standalone. I have a love-hate relationship with series books before, I can't find the next series T_T

8. Which book(s) has cheer you up?
Too much. I can't choose. 😝

9. Do you read book's review before buying it?
Sometimes. But usually not. I don't want to give any bad impressions to the book that I had read the review. 

10. Will you stop reading, if the book isn't interesting or will you keep on reading them?
No matter how boring the book was, I'll still read. It hard to stop as it will leave me in curiosity. So, I'll keep reading. This is how I appreciate the writers too 😊

11. Have you re-reading the book again and again?
Yes but I need to forget the storyline first or I'll be expecting what happening next.

12. Do you ever felt that once you finish reading a book, you find it hard to move on from it?
Always but only for somewhile. I can move on to a new book soon. Maybe in few days?

13. Have you ever cried during your reading?
For right now, not yet. I don't have any privacy to cry. I don't want my family to see my with furrowed eyebrows if I cry suddenly. But, sometimes I will tear up. Huhu πŸ˜›

14. Why do you think reading has make you happy?
Reading helps me to be into the characters. This is another way for me to run away from my reality. By reading, I could travel, do something new and even married (pft..) Nothing can make me as this happy honestly.

There you go. I'm done with this tag. I would glad if you wanna join too :)

Till then. Wallahualam.
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23 Nov 2016

Study Habits Questionnaire

Study Habits Questionnaire


I actually found this on Mai's blog. Thanks to her for giving me an idea to update. I'm running out of idea, honestly πŸ˜‚

So, let me share my study habits :)

#What time you start studying and how long?
I always do any revision or study by the evening. As for me, studying at night will never be good. I don't sure why, but my brain will be slower by nights. I also never did any revision by early mornings. I always have the urge to, but I never wake up too early to do so T_T

#Do you stay up all night to study?
I've tried. But I can't. So, NO.

#Any favourite place or port while you study?
No. I can study anywhere I want, but not in front of the television. It will totally distract me from studying though. Same goes to bed. I'll be too lazy once I'm on my bed. My best port is in the kitchen, with a cup of tea and a jar of biscuits so I can eat when I feel bored ><

#Do you listen to music or not?
I love to listen to music. But, not when I'm studying. I'm the type that easily got distracted when studying. So, music will definitely interrupt me and my books, especially when I need to study subjects that need me to memorize things such as Biology.

#Do you start from front page or back page of book?
Front page for sure. Some subjects have chapters that related to each other. So, skipping any chapter won't help any better. Plus, I'm quite slow in understanding. I need to go through one by one and reversing chapters would be really funny 😐

#Do you study all of section or just the important section?
Depends. For Form 4, subjects like Biology and Chemistry only give out the basics about the subjects on the first chapter. So I usually skipped as there's nothing to study about. I also did this for monthly test where there's only a few chapters or sections will be asked. So, only some important and 'popular' sections. But I never done this on my final exams.

#Do you highlight your textbooks?
Nope. High schoolers don't have any right on their textbooks as they will be collected back by the end of the year. So, we're forbidden to highlight our textbooks. But I did highlight my workbooks and reference books. This helps me to understand the important things on a section.

#Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere?
I can do both. But I like making notes more. Books like Sejarah was written in paragraphs but somehow not everything in a paragraph were important. So, notes will help me study better and easier.

#Will you memorize all chapters or not?
Nope. This is somehow bullying my brain. There's tons of facts to memorize and I know my brain can't afford it. So the best thing is to understand the chapters well. Eventhough it needs time, but it was much better. I love this way as I can imagine myself being in those chapters especially subjects like Sejarah. I also won't stuck if I suddenly fotgot the things I memorize.

#What method you have for a smart study?
For subjects that need me to memorize facts or such, I'll use my friends' name to arrange my facts. Things such as 'Aisha Pakai Seluar Terbalik' will make me memorize better. Funny but this is the truth. And of course, without my friend's knowing though. Or I will get kicked on my ass πŸ˜†

#How you got your motivation to study?
When my biggest rivals got better results than me, then I'll be totally fumed. I like challenges and I'll do anything to win the challenge that I did purposely. In a good way surely.

#Do you decorate your study table? If do, how?
I don't. I like making things simple but I do love cute stuffs ><

#What most important things you must have on it?
My books, my pencil case, a glass of plain water, my phone and sometimes my laptop.

That's how I study. So, what's yours?

Till then. Wallahualam.
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22 Nov 2016

Dad, A Man Who Ignored

Dad, A Man Who Ignored


I'm just scrolling through my gallery just now and found some photos that I think really heart-touching. Thanks to him who shared them and I was lucky to be one of the viewers. 😊

Here are the pictures.

It goes deep inside my heart, though. To be honest, I'm not really that close to my abah. Abah is somehow creepy. He could be really cold but really funny sometimes. No one among us could guess what is in his heart. And this makes us a bit awkward to even joke around.

However, abah never being harsh. When we did something wrong, he never beat. No rotan, no hitting, no nothing. But still, my siblings and I will be really awkward when we're with him. Me especially. I was the eldest, happened to be the closest one to him in my childhood years. But as time flew, things changed. I almost treated him like a stranger. Even until now.

I just don't know why. I can't be too comfortable with him anymore. It feels strange. Seeing these photos made me realize how cruel I was to him, my own dad. I have to admit. I hate when he nags, I hate when he suddenly raises his voice to anyone of us, I hate when he complains about what we're doing. But, I have to accept the fact that he's our leader. He has the right to speak out when we're doing wrong.

I even have to stop a few times when writing this. Feel like crying 😭. Crap! Haha.

Nowadays, people, girls especially, simply ignored their dad. Putting their 'husband-to-be' as their adored man. Little do they think of how much their dad had sacrificed for them? Seeing this situation always make me in guilt. But I also did the same. Ignoring abah. He must be really sad for this.

I forgot that he was the man. The man who has done the 'iqamah' when I was born. The man who first teaches me how to walk (well, this was what mama told). The man who taught me ABC till I know how to read a newspaper. And the man who willingly die in order to make me happy. I forgot him and I regretted. 

Love you, abah πŸ’“

Don't ignore your dad. Appreciate them when they're still with you. 

Till then. Wallahualam.
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